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US Records Over 500 Coronavirus Cases, Trump Praises Response As ‘Great Job’

More than 100 countries have confirmed new cases of the COVID 19 while the World Health Organisation declared the situation as a 'public health emergency.'

The Grand Princess cruise ship carrying passengers who have tested positive for coronavirus is seen in the Pacific Ocean outside San Francisco, California, U.S.

WASHINGTON, DC- Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States climbed to more than 530 by Sunday, with several states, including Oregon and California, having declared an emergency as the viral infection continues to spread rapidly across the globe, killing over 3,800 and infecting 109,000 others.

Health officials in Washington state, Oregon and California have identified cases among people who have not recently travelled to countries impacted by the outbreak nor come into contact with anyone known to be infected, The Washington Post reported. Evidence suggests that the deadly virus, which originated in the Wuhan–capital of the Hubei province in central China– has spread undetected for weeks in Washington state.

The virus has reached some 30 US states, with two more deaths being reported in Washington — both linked to a virus-hit care home near Seattle – that has brought the nationwide toll to at least 21.

More than 100 countries have confirmed new cases of the COVID 19 while the World Health Organization declared the situation as a ‘public health emergency.’

In response to the outbreak, the Trump administration imposed travel restrictions to countries impacted by the outbreak, including China, Iran, Italy and South Korea. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also cautioned against traveling to Japan.

The Senate resoundingly approved USD 8.3 billion in emergency aid on Thursday to counter the spread of the coronavirus, sending the package for President Trump’s expected signature, even as nurses in two of the hardest-hit states warned of a lack of equipment and training.

However, in an early morning tweet, the US President blamed the media, once again, for trying to make his government “look bad.”

“We have a perfectly coordinated and fine-tuned plan at the White House for our attack on CoronaVirus,” Trump tweeted.

“We moved VERY early to close borders to certain areas, which was a Godsend. V.P. is doing a great job. The Fake News Media is doing everything possible to make us look bad. Sad!”

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