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NCAIA in Partnership with Indian community organizations launched Census 2020 Drive

CHICAGO,IL- National Council of Asian Indian Associations [NCAIA] – in conjunction with the leading Indian American community organizations — in collective spirit of unity formally launched Census 2020 Complete Count Committee for Indian Community to unveil the significance of Census 2020 to get an accurate count of the burgeoning Indian American population as it expressly affects the community funding, congressional representation and other federally funded community programs. NCAIA is partnering with over 20 major Indian American organizations and with the U.S. Census Bureau of Midwest region to form a Complete Count Committee for Indian diaspora. This official Census 2020 drive for the Asian Indians was formally launched on Sunday February 23, 2020 at Metropolitan Family Service Center in Schaumburg, Illinois.

This major milestone Census 2020 drive in the Indian American community initiative is being championed by Harish Kolasani, National President of NCAIA along with four principal community partners: Mrs. Santosh Kumar, Iftekhar Shareef, Keerthi Kumar Ravoori and Shree Guruswamy with Teresa Lee of the US Census Bureau serving as the official coordinator in lending assistance in this huge undertaking.

At the launching ceremony, ideas and strategies to reach out to the Asian Indian families all across the state of Illinois were comprehensively discussed with informational presentations to be effectively counted in the 2020 census drive coming in the month of March 2020. There was an emphasis laid out in the power of numbers and how the growing numbers of the Indian Americans can effectively be tied to the quality of life issues through funding from the federal government; and the imperative for Indian Americans to be counted as mandated by the American Constitution and as required by the law.

Speaking at the launching ceremony Harish Kolasani underscored the imminent need for the Indian Americans to rise and be counted. He emphasized that the National Council of Asian Indian Associations NCAIA is on a mission to make every person of Indian Origin including all temporary Visa holders and undocumented families be counted in CENSUS 2020, to make Indian community truly a gathering force to be acknowledged in the USA. Census 2020 is a once in a decade outstanding opportunity to show our renewed Indian American demographics in order to leverage our strength. Harish Kolasani said that this first launch will pave way for many satellite community launches with messages from U.S. Senators and Congressman urging the families to be counted. Harish Kolasani also announced that Census 2020 is hiring part-time census workers with attractive hourly pay rates and flexible working hours and added that any prospective part-time applicant can apply online at www.2020census.gov

Iftekhar Shareef, prominent community leader who serves on the Indian American Census 2020 team in his remarks outlined the significant benefits of getting counted in the upcoming census and said Indian Americans are historically underrepresented due to under count and promptly added, it’s time to be fully counted. Iftekhar Shareef allayed often unfounded fears that preclude some sections of the Indian American diaspora to come forward to submit their census information in the fear of their uncertain legal status and he assured the community that the census 2020 guarantees a great deal of safeguard protection of each family’s information and reminded that anyone attempting to violate the census laws will face serious legal consequences. Iftekhar Shareef concluded emphasizing that the Census does not ask for any citizenship question or proof of citizenship and added every Indian American need to be seen, heard and, more importantly, be counted.

Teresa Lee of the US Census Bureau made a comprehensive presentation on Census 2020 operations and how Indian American community can be effectively be counted in the 2020 census drive. Teresa Lee laid out three S, Simple, Safe and Significant in participating in the Census drive.

Keerthi Kumar Ravoori proposing the vote of thanks emphatically added that Indian Americans are silent minority and the census represents an outstanding opportunity in a decade to be counted in order to get into the skin of the game. Keerthi Kumar Ravoori urged community organizations to join hands in forging partnerships in making our numbers tower among the Asian community. Among those who joined in the launching ceremony include Rakesh Asthana, Sagar Kumar, Vandana Jhingan, Ulka Joshi, Ramgopal Devarapalli, Ramana Abbaraju, Manish Shah, Ami Mehta and others.

NCAIA urge every person of Indian origin to participate in CENSUS 2020 and make our community counted and use #IndiansMatter in social media for the topics related to Indians in the USA. NCAIA also request you to join their team to spread the facts and importance of Census across Indian community. Anyone who is interested to join in this project are requested to contact NCAIA at [email protected] said Harish Kolasani.

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