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Mahashivaratri Celebrations at Chinmaya Mission- Yamunotri, Grayslake

GRAYSLAKE, IL- The auspicious celebration of Mahashivratri took place on February 22, 2020 at Chinmaya Mission Chicago- Yamunotri in Grayslake, IL. The festivities started at 9:30 a.m. with puja by Pujya Swami Sharanananda, and Resident spiritual guides Shri Jetindra Nayar & Smt. Swapna Nayar, and Shri Dhiren Khatri. Sodasha upachar puja of the Shivalinga was performed. With the divine vibrations of Rudram/Chamakam chanting, the devotees offered abhishekam on the Shivalinga, making the entire atmosphere pious and serene.

Pujya Swami Sharananandaji addressed the congregation on the significance of MahaShivarathri and specifically “OM Mrityunjayaya Namah” which is one of Lord Shiva’s name meaning “The conqueror of death.” Our greatest fear is of losing our body. The scriptures talk about a different type of death, which is the death of our ego. The selfish desires in us is what creates the ego; and the destruction of such desires, will destroy the ego. He explained how letting go of our ego will make us fearless.

This was followed by a cultural performance by Bala Vihar children. It was a joy to see our youngest Shishu Vihar children (as young as 7 months old upto 2 years) performing to a Shiva bhajan along with their parents. Our high schoolers performed a play about superpowers, how everyone has the ability to become a super power by practicing the values listed in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16, and concluded by chanting the slokas 1-5.

The congregation joined in Lord Shiva’s aarti followed by a special mahaprasad lunch.

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