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Musical Concert Organized by ‘United for Peace’

'Sangeet ki Shaam, Aman ke Naam' performed bollywood songs, semi-classical songs, gazals, Shayari and poems.

CHICAGO,IL- Peace, harmony & brotherhood was felt in the air at the ‘United for Peace’ South Asian musical event- ‘Sangeet Ki Shaam, Aman Ke Naam’, in Chicago on Sunday, Feb 1.

A diverse crowd of South Asians from all religious faiths attended, including Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, and echoed a unified message – ‘It does not matter where you come from, what faith you practice, at the core we are all indeed the same and our common humanity unites us’.

The program opened with little children dancing to the song- “Iss Jahan Ke Liye, Is Chaman Ke Liye, Aao Sajda Kare Hum, Aman Ke Liye. Some of the finest singers and musicians from Chicago showcased a diversity of South Asian music from popular Bollywood numbers to older semi classical songs, as well as Ghazals, Shayari and poems. They spread the message of unity and peace with their renditions of “Pyar Bat-te Chalo”, and Saath Rahe Hum, Saath Chale Hum Manzil Ek Hamari, Pyar Ho Har Dil Me Itna, Nafrat Mitaye Saari”.

Shalini Gupta, founder and President of ‘United for Peace’ said “Hate and violence is not the normal state of the world. Love and peace is the natural state of humans and we want to restore the world to that state”. Shalini thanked Bhanu Swargam- Program coordinator and the whole United for Peace diverse team, for working together with love and harmony to take this mission forward and being role models for the United for Peace mission- to create strong, and united communities based on mutual respect for our differences and practice of nonviolent methods of conflict resolution.

The event was sold out with a long waiting list, which just goes to show how much the message of peace and unity resonates with the people of South Asian origin in Chicago.

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