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Arya Samaj of Chicago Celebrated the Harves Festival in West Chicago

Harvest festivals are few of the ancient festivals that observed according to the solar cycle

Acharyaji (center) with volunteers team (Photo by Jayanti Oza)

WEST CHICAGO, IL- Arya Samaj of Chicago recently celebrated the Harvest Festival on January 19th at West Chicago, Illinois, also known as Makar Sakraanti, Lohri, Pongal, or Uttarayan. Over 150 people of Arya Samaj and community members celebrated with full spirit and enjoyed the interaction with family and friends.

The festivities started off with a wonderful and informative havan by Acharya ji. He explained the significance of this festival. Harvest festivals are few of the ancient festivals that observed according to the solar cycle. This was followed by a youth cultural program where Anuj Dahiya and Neelam Patel chanted and explained the meaning of the Gayatri mantra. Sankranti and Lohri Celebration skit performed by Maya Tiwari, Aruh Kotta, Ishika Diwdan, Dev Nachuri, Veronica Shahtri, Swasti Shastri, Raghu Naachuri, Kavin Chaudhary, SImran Panwar and Jasmine Chaudhary. Skit written by Madhu Uppal and edited and narated by Sarla Dahiya. Arush Kotta explain importance of Sun.Beautiful fold dance performed by Simran Panwar, Jasmine Chaudhary, Maya Tiwari, Richa Singla, Shelley Tiwari and Mayura Panwar.

The Lohri offerings were initiated by Achrya ji with Dr. and Mrs. Sukhdev Soni explaining the significance of the day. The day ended when the children rushed to dance to the dhol beat.

All of the activities were prepared by the volunteers of Arya Samaj. Special thanks to Dr. Soni, Achray ji and the Arya Samaj committee for encouraging these festivities and the children to learn about their heritage. As a result of the efforts from everyone above, the youth turnout at Arya Samaj has increased over the past year.

Special vote of thanks given to cultural committee to coordinate the program and all the volunteers who worked hard for success of this event Sarla Dahiya, Mohini Patel, Madhu Uppal, Ranjana Gulati, Lalita Kotta, Meenakshi Sood and Asmita Gharia

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