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This Star Trek-inspired machine aims to make X-ray affordable

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Fukushima Prefecture [Japan], Jan 16 (ANI): Paving the way for affordable X-ray, Japan-based Nanox has come up with a Star Trek-inspired machine to lower the cost of medical scanning.
As Engadget reports, the Nanox. Arc is an X-ray machine with a design like the Star Trek biobed. It uses a digital system which is cooler than conventional X-ray technique and also cost-efficient.
The Nanox.Arc includes a gantry holding the X-ray ring which is the only thing that needs to move as it scans different parts of the body. The company intends to offer devices on a pay-per-scan basis where it can combine AI and cloud services to offer quick, preventive, and affordable scans to clinics and hospitals. (ANI)

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