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Odia delicacies in Bengaluru’s first ‘Ama Odia Bhoji’ to tickle taste buds

First Ama Odia Bhoji Food Festival in Bengaluru

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Jan 12 (ANI): ‘Ama Odia Bhoji’ which means ‘Our Odia Feast’, is an authentic Odia food festival which will showcase all the delicious flavours of the Odia Cuisine by Odia Chefs Smruti Surajita Mohanty, Tapti Patnaik, and Sai Priya.
The food festival has been curated by Bangalore based foodie, Anupam Behera, Priya Nanda, Ankit Mohanty, Biswajit Mohapatra, and Vaibhav Dewan.
It will bring in the taste of Odisha and will be a treat for foodies who want to sample the scrumptious dishes from the state. The fest will feature Pakhal Bhata ( fermented rice combined fried vegetables and fish) to Kanji, Mutton Aloo Kasa (dry) combined with steamed hot rice, Dalma with pitha, Mutton Mudhi, Chinguri Ghanta, Macha Besara and more. The cuisine has a treat for all the street food lovers too and will include the popular lip-smacking favourites: Gupchup (Pani-Puri), DahiBara-AlooDum, Ghuguni-Bara, Chenna Podo and more.
This marks the first-ever Odisha community food festival where people from Odisha who are in Bengaluru cooked food from their homes and serving at a place to all to make people know about the traditional food culture of Odisha. (ANI)

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