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Nike Zoom Pulse shoes (Picture Courtesy:Nike)

Washington DC [USA], Dec 8 (ANI): Recognising the long-working hours clocked by the nurses in hospitals, Nike has introduced a new range of specially designed shoes, crafted to be comfortable for hours on end while being able to make the rapid movements required during an emergency.
Nurses walk an approximate four to five miles and sit less than an hour during a 12-hour shift. Taking these insights into consideration, the designers began working on a new range of shoes specifically for medical workers and came up with ‘the Nike Zoom Pulse’
The unisex shoe range, featured in Yahoo Lifestyle is almost like a cross between a clog and a sneaker, with a full rubber outsole that offers great traction, a springy midsole, and a super-snug padded heel cup.
They come in black, teal, grey, pink and gold shades. Both comfortable and stylish at the same time, the range might appeal to other than health-care workers.
The water-resistant shoes are easy to clean and are lace-less, with pull tabs so they’re easy to get on and off. (ANI)

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