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Air India Revises Its Winter Schedule from the USA to India


 Effective this week, Air India has revised the schedule of flights from the USA to India for the Winter 2019/20 timetable.  This year, flights will depart earlier than in prior seasons to reduce ground time at U.S. airports with a view to lower operating costs and improve fleet utilization    

All passengers, especially those that purchased tickets well in advance, are advised to review their Reservation Confirmation to confirm if the departure time of their flight has been advanced so as to avoid arriving late to the airport, missing their flight and being subject to no-show, cancellation and/or change of booking fees.  Passengers whose journey originated overseas and are returning to India, and who have not provided a local U.S. contact, without which there is no means of conveying schedule change details, are especially cautioned to review the departure time of their flights.

 Flight status can be checked at the “Manage Your Trip” link on the carrier’s website www.airindia.in, by calling Air India at 1-888-634-1407 or by checking with your travel agent.  Airline passengers are always encouraged to provide a valid local contact in the event of an unforeseen schedule change or flight delay.

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