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Arrest Made in Shooting of Innocent Teen Girl in Queens, NY

Ashley's dad Ravie Armoogan said recent violence has shaken his family

Ashley Armoogan 16

QUEENS. NY – Ashley Armoogan 16, is now home, but she’ll never forget the events of Monday, October 28.

On that day, Armoogan was walking to the bus after finishing class at the New Dawn Charter School in Jamaica, Queens when she heard gunfire and began running.

Armoogan had been shot in the shoulder and was rushed to the hospital.

Police say she was an innocent victim of gang violence and that her shooting is likely related to the fatal killing of 14-year-old Aamir Griffin, who was struck by a stray bullet while at a Queens basketball court on Saturday.

Police say they have made an arrest in Armoogan’s case and have two others in custody for a separate shooting incident earlier that same day.

Armoogan was released from the hospital, much to the relief of her worried family.

Ashley’s dad Ravie Armoogan, an engineer working in the Manhattan federal court building said the recent violence has shaken his family and thinking to move may be Florida.

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