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California Boat Fire Kills at Least 20, including Indian American Couple

“One of California’s worst maritime disasters in decades.”


LOS ANGELES, CA- An Indian American couple is believed to be among those feared dead after a diving boat caught fire and sank Sept. 2 off the coast of Santa Cruz Island, north of Los Angeles.

The daughter and son-in-law of Satish Deopujari, a renowned Nagpur-based pediatrician, were on board the ill-fated boat packed with scuba divers.

Sanjeeri Deopujari, a dentist, and Kaustubh Nirmal, who worked in a finance company, got married two years ago.

Deopujari family is yet to get a confirmation about their deaths from the U.S. authorities, before adding that the couple had gone for scuba diving and were on board the boat.

Satish Deopujari’s other daughter, who also stays in the U.S., is trying to get in touch with the U.S. officials for further details. Deopujari will also soon leave for the U.S.

According to report, 34 people are presumed dead after a 75-foot vessel called the Conception burst into flames during a three-day diving excursion.

Five of the six crew members were able to escape since they were on the third deck of the ship when the fire broke out. All the passengers and one crew member were below the main deck area and likely got trapped and couldn’t escape the flames.

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