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VHPA Chicago Chapter Organized Meet & Greet with G.D.Baxi and Omendr Ratnuji

BENSENVILLE, IL- On August 25, 2019 VHPA America Chicago chapter organize meet and greet at Manav Seva Mandir in Bensenville, IL. with Maj. General G D Baxi and Omendra RatnuJi .

Omendra Ratnuji is working on civil rights of Pakistani Hindu in Pakistan. He is from India and he is running Pakistani Hindu refugee support line. He has explain what kind of mascara happening right now with Pakistani Hindu. Their minor age girls are taking away raped and been Theron on prostitution forcefully buy Muslim mobs.. Every day minimum 3 Hindu girls get kidnapped and been gangrened again and again buy redial Muslims in front of those girls family and they cant do anything think about what their fathers and mothers are surfing. In Pakistan there is no human rights for Hindu. Although united nation is working in some are where the identified cased of mass violence’s and they try to bring it for justice. Since whole Pakistan system is against all religious then Muslim UN cant help much. He ask to support by raising voice on social media. There was 17% population of Hindu in 1947 now it decrees to 3% only where those 13% people go??

Maj. General G D Baxi (Rtd.) is specialist on Kashmir issue. He brief about how bjp government help Kashmir growth by removing article 370 and 35A from Kashmir. Also India don’t have to worried for war against any country. Indian army is very strong and fearless they never loose any battle in past and will not in future. We are much more advance like US and Russian army now with support of PM Modi. He told about his experience of 1971 war with Pakistan and how they support Bangladesh to get freedom. He talk about his experience war against Pakistan in Kargill are as well.

Dr.Shyamkant sheth Global trustee of VHPA welcome G D Baxi ji and Omendra Ratnuji with flower bouquet. Program held in Manav Sewa Mandir with support of many community leader . There was over 300 people and community leader are there to welcome the Guest. There was media presence there as well.

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