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Snapchat gives advertisers fast ad-creation tool

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San Francisco, Aug 2 (IANS) To let advertisers create quick ads, photo-messaging app Snapchat has rolled out a new feature called "Instant Create" on its platform.

"Just select your objective (increase web visits, app installs, or app visits), enter your business website and finalise your targeting. Then you’re ready to publish!" the company wrote in a blog-post, explaining the three steps of the ad-making tool.

For small and medium businesses (SMBs) that lack budgets and resources, Snapchat’s "Instant Create" offers an easy-to-use tool for creating quick single-ad campaigns with minimal design requirements, web portal Marketing Land said on Thursday.

Once provided with a business URL, Instant Create would be able to pull in photos directly from your website to help create an ad.

For quick creatives, users would also have an option of using imported images or uploading new ones from their computers.

Currently, Instant Create only supports Snap Ads.

"Instant Create is available to all advertisers in our self-service Ads Manager. It removes friction from our self-serve tools by decreasing the time and creative investment required," the company’s blog noted.

The tool would also offer marketers who have yet to advertise on Snapchat, a way to try out the platform without having to over invest in a comprehensive campaign.


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