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Aditya Verma writes to CoA about Bihar body flouting SC orders


New Delhi, Aug 1: Cricket Association of Bihar (CAB) secretary Aditya Verma has written to Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) requesting the three-member committee to not just look into the misdeeds of the officials of the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA), but also note the repeated flouting of the proposals of the Lodha committee by the association.

In the letter, Verma has asked the CoA to look into the appointment of retired pilot Vinaykarma Sheel as the Joint Election Officer for the elections of the BCA to be held on September 10.

"Bihar Cricket Association office bearers are mocking the orders of the Supreme Court. As you are aware that BCA has two factions within itself. The BCA led by Gopal Vohra is not even a registered body — the information regarding this was received from the department under RTI, was also made available to you. Still, for reasons unknown the BCA lead by Gopal Vohra has been termed as a 'compliant association' by the CoA, which mocks the orders of the SC.

"Recently, a retired pilot of the Bihar government Vinaykarma Sheel has been appointed as the Joint Election Officer for the elections of the BCA to be held on 10th September. I would also like to mention here that, as per the 'directions issued by the CoA on appointment of Electoral Officer' dated 25th July 2019, the CoA has directed the state associations about the category of persons who can be appointed as Electoral Officer.

"The appointment of Vinaykarma Sheel as Joint Election Officer for BCA elections is visibly contradictory to the directions issued by the CoA in this regard. I am aware that, my letter like always will not have any impact on you, but I consider it my responsibility to update you about the misdeeds of the current officer bearers of BCA," he wrote.

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