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Survival in the Independent Grocery World

NEWARK, NJ-  NRS Helps Small Businesses Survive and Thrive Against Big Box Competition

Grocery stores and bodegas throughout the United States represent an important part of the history and culture of the communities they serve. Walk into an “old world” grocery store and you’ll unearth precious memories from childhood. Delicious products, familiar smells, and friendly service. In today’s competitive retail market, many of these small stores are at risk of going out of business. Big-box and chain stores, can lure customers away with lower negotiated pricing, marketing and technology, not to mention online retailers who don’t have rent to pay, leaving the small, independent business searching for answers.

Stocking up in larger quantities allows big-box stores to negotiate better prices with manufacturers which allows them to offer the consumer lower prices. Smaller, independent retailers do not have this advantage. The inability to compete in prices has forced many to small businesses to shut down. This is happening all across the country.

Independent retailers need powerful tools to help them manage their business more efficiently. They are struggling to stay open and competing for survival. However, there are many obstacles holding them back; access to capital, language barriers, and technical difficulties. Many of these stores still use antiquated cash registers and log sales and inventory by hand. The outdated and time consuming method of manually checking out customers and keeping track of sales and inventory makes it difficult for small shops to promote their products and services competitively.

National Retail Solutions helps small businesses by providing technology and user friendly tools to help retailers tracks sales and inventory, attract customers, and grow their business. Simple to use technology improves operating efficiency. NRS has a stellar reputation for customer support. It is a comfort to retailers to know that NRS is here for them, to help them with selling more, monitoring inventory and building customer loyalty. NRS founder, president, and CEO, Elie Y. Katz, summarized the company’s mission: “We were founded with a mission: to help the little guys survive and thrive amidst Goliath competition. We’re extremely committed to our cause.”
NRS offers a comprehensive, but easy to use, point of sale (POS) system that can help grocery, liquor, and tobacco retailers get back on track. The POS offers tools to manage costs, optimize inventory, and seamlessly process transactions. It even comes with its own, exclusive, built in customer rewards program – the BR Club. Customers can sign up for free using just a phone number to receive a key fob which gives them access to monthly discounts on popular, club-exclusive items. BR Club promos are advertised on the POS’ sleek, customer-facing ad screen. This screen also offers retailers the ability to run their own in-store promotions and as. The POS can be accessed remotely via the web or its dedicated app. Additionally, merchants have the option of recharging Boss Revolution® one-touch pinless phone cards on the POS – a great way to boost revenue. With the addition of NRS PAY (or any other credit card processor), the POS offers seamless payment processing making it a one-stop shop.

NRS is a division of IDT Corporation, which, since 1994, has provided local and international calling cards, bringing Boss Revolution® products and services to over 40,000 retailers nationwide, with 3.5 million+ customers. Since its founding in 2015, NRS has installed over 8,000 POS systems across the United States.

Within the same mission of helping small independent retailers, NRS recently launched NRS PAY, a low rate credit card processing system designed to help retailers save money and improve efficiency. With a simple tap, dip, swipe or key, retailers can now provide their customers a faster and more efficient payment process. The credit card processing industry can be shady, so having an honest and reputable company that won’t take advantage of you with hidden fees and unknowns is critical

“With the integrity on which NRS was founded, we are looking out for our customers, big and small. No more being ripped off by card-processing companies – or your neighbor, cousin or family member in the card processing business, promising that they want to save you money. ” Elie Y. Katz, founder, President & CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS)

NRS PAY card processing interfaces with NRS POS, or can be used independently by retailers, professionals, or almost every business in any industry.

“NRS makes you feel as if you’re family. If I have a problem, I call their support hotline and within minutes, a team member is providing me help”, says Diego Fuentes, a bodega owner in New Jersey. Another customer of NRS, Alicia Peres, says “The POS has been so great – it’s almost like a good luck charm to our store. The ability to restock in an efficient manner has saved us a lot of money – and customers are complimenting how professional our equipment is. They love saving money on the club specials when they check out.” With the ecosystem of the POS bundled with the BR Club loyalty program and NRS PAY credit card processing, National Retail Solutions is providing grocery, liquor and tobacco retailers the opportunity to compete at the same level as large chains. Says Katz, “All a person needs to succeed is the right tools – NRS offers the best combo of tools for success in today’s competitive retail market!”

To learn more about how the National Retail Solutions point of sale ecosystem and NRS PAY merchant services can help you make more money, visit www.nrsplus.com or call (833) 289-2767.

About National Retail Solutions (NRS):
NRS operates a point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform for independent retailers and bodega owners nationwide. The platform provides a robust portfolio of tools to help these retailers compete more effectively, including a free, built-in customer loyalty program, wholesaler discounts, integration with NRS PAY (and other) card processing, plus Boss Revolution® one-touch pinless recharge. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers are able to leverage the NRS platform to provision ads, promotions, coupons and special offers to independent retailers and their predominantly urban, ethnically focused customer bases nationwide. NRS is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).


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