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Texting While Driving Could Lead to License Suspension Under New Illinois Law

SPRINGFIELD, IL — A new legislative initiative will strength the consequences of drivers in Illinois caught texting while driving.

A news release from Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White says House Bill 4846, which takes effect July 1, will count first-time incidences of driving while operating a handheld mobile device as a “moving violation.” Under state law, moving violations appear on motorists’ driving record, and drivers who receive three moving violations in a year see their driver’s license suspended.

Prior to HB 4846, state law treated first offenses of distracted driving as a “nonmoving violation,” so only repeat offenses appeared on motorists’ driving record.

First-time moving and nonmoving violations both carry a fine of $75 dollars, which increases gradually with each additional offense.

Any driver caught texting while driving starting July 1 will have that moving violation recorded on their driving record and additional fines and court costs determined by a judge. Anyone with three moving violations within 12 months could have their driver’s license suspended.

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