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Doctor Prescribed Controlled Substances After License was Revoked

STANFORD, PA- A Stamford doctor was arraigned  on charges related to the distribution of certain prescription drugs.

Dr. Ajay Ahuja, a primary care physician, was arrested by Stamford police along with his office manager Rana Purvi, at his office. It came after a lengthy investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

According to Capt. Richard Conklin, the doctor had his license to prescribe controlled substances revoked in February. He also had to pay a $200,000 fine.

“This investigation reveals even after that, he continued to prescribe controlled substances,” said Conklin.

The revocation came after the DEA concluded Dr. Ahuja prescribed excessive amounts of controlled substances and didn’t maintain adequate patient charts to justify his actions.

Ahuja’s attorney Glenn Gazin says his client just hadn’t fully mastered record keeping.

Law enforcement said the doctor continued to write prescriptions for medications like Suboxone, Adderall, and Clonazepam one week after the revocation went into place.

Gazin argues Dr. Ahuja made a mistake – misunderstanding when the revocation went into effect.

Dr. Ahuja’s license to prescribe other medications was not affected by the DEA decision.

Dr. Ahuja and Rana Purvi are both charged with illegal distribution of a controlled substance. The doctor’s bond was lowered to $100,000 at his arraignment. Purvi posted bond Wednesday night and will be arraigned next month.

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