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Meet and Greet Dinner Gala Banquet for International Gujarati Film Festival

EDISON, NJ- More than 150 invited guests from the Indian community in tristate area attended meet and greet dinner gala banquet which was held on Friday, June 14, 2019, at 7 p.m. at TV Asia Auditorium in Edison, New Jersey. After a grand success of first edition at New Jersey in August 2018 with more than 4,500 attendees, the second edition of The International Gujarati Film Festival was held in two cities in the USA from June 7-9, 2019, at Los Angeles, California and from June 15-16, 2019, in Edison, New Jersey. Two superstars of Gujarati films and young, talented actor Malhaar Thakar and actress Monal Gajjar along with few prominent movie directors and producers were among the dignitaries attended the meet and greet evening. International Gujarati Film Festival (IGFF) which aims to promote the Gujarati Cinema and Culture on world across by organizing the film festival in the U.S. since last year. IGFF serves the community of Gujarati cinema by putting forth the immense talent and help attribute splendour to the populace which has long been under-appreciated. Through a series of awards, the festival also provides filmmakers with the opportunity to indulge with a professional network and help grow their knowledge of the international cinematic trends.

The program started with welcome and history and objectives of IGFF described by Dr. Tushar Patel of Ohmkara & OHM Charities, a leading non-profit organization under the leadership of business entrepreneur and community leader Mr. Pinakin Pathak to promote Gujarati language, art and music in the USA and across the world and one of the sponsors of meet and greet. TV Asia Chairman/CEO and Padma Shree Dr. H. R. Shah provided excellent history of cinema and gave the eye opening statistics about films across the world and mentioned the importance of why a support and funding for the Gujarati films are necessary to sustain quality films. A short script of all 13 feature films entered in the fil festival was shown on the big screen which was applauded by the audience. The feature films reflected some wonderful films which is a testament of high-class productions and superb work from the talented actors and directors of Gujarati films. Kunal Wadhwani, Northeast region in-charge of Shemaroo provided information on how Gujarati films have impacted U.S. market and how far have Gujarati films came in a mainstream in the last decade. Chetan Chauhan, marketing in-charge of IGFF introduced all celebrities who came from India to include two young actors Malhaar and Monal and coordinated a wonderful question and answer session on Gujarati films which was very well organized and well received by the audience. Some of the other prominent individuals from local organizations, media and businesses who attended the event included Madhy Rye, Piyush Patel, Kanubhai Chauhan, Rathin Mehta, Ashish Desai, Kaushik Vyas, Sudhir Vaishnav, Kaushik Amin, Vijay Thakker, Subhash Shah, Pradip Kothari, Dhiraj Parekh, Babubhai Patel, Popat Patel, Kirit Udeshi, and Bijal Shah of Aapne Gujarati. The delicious appetizers and dinner of Gujarati food were provided by Arvindbhai Patel of Rajbhog Foods and tea was provided by Dilip Bhatt.

It was a proud moment for the Gujarati Film Industry that the films reached Hollywood and show the land of dreams during the second year of IGFF, the dreams possessed by the Gujarati filmmakers, actors and crew and tell the whole world that the Gujarati film industry is creating some of the most riveting cinema out there. IGFF has one goal, to show that a Gujarati Cinema has the potential of creating scripts and movies which can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other movie industry. The initiative of the film festival was made by Mr. Kaushal Acharya – Rostrum Media and 1947 Production and Entertainment Inc. The meet and greet dinner gala banquet with prominent casts and directors of Gujarati films was supported by TV Asia and OHMkara/OHM Charities.

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