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Dr. Sriram Sonty Visited Pietermaritzburg Railway Station to Commemorate the 126th Anniversary

CHICAGO,IL- Dr Sriram Sonty, an Ophthalmologist from Chicago USA visited the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station on Friday June 7,2019 to commemorate the 126th anniversary of June 7,1893 Mohandas Gandhi eviction from the First Class Compartment on to the platform.

This program was hosted by the Pietermaritzburg Gandhi Memorial Committee. Dr Sriram Sonty was an invited guest from USA to this event. The significance of this event marks the initiation of non violence movement “ satyagraha” by Mohandas Gandhi a

monumental force behind a movement of non violence.

At the meetingMr David Gengan , President of the Gandhi Memorial Committee mentioned the experience of Mohandas Gandhi as it was written in his autobiography

“ An experiment with Truth” with the chilling details of the apartheid white segregation

Culture he experienced first hand. There Gandhi mentions the challenge he went through regards to his future stay upto 20 years which helped liberate the Indian immigrant indentured laborers. Gandhi’ grand daughter Mrs Ela Gandhi expanded on the Satyagraha concept and implementation by Gandhi as an element used not in hatred and illwill but in love for the betterment of humanity by Nelaon Mandela later in South Africa freedom struggle.

Dr Sriram Sonty Guest of Honour from USA mentioned the concept of Conflict resolution that was made possible by the Satyagraha movement, which has avoided the Third, Fourth & Fifth World Wars to preserve and protect the humanity at large. Dr Sonty said that he was transformed by The concept of Satyagraha of Mohandas Gandhi, for which seed was sown during this eviction incident on June 7,1893. HE Shri Jaideep Sarkar mentioned Gandhiji’s legacy in the form Martin Luther King Jr in USA who worshipped Gandhi and his non violence movement. Mr GVVDS Prasad Keynote speaker talked about theconcept of having No enemies by desire when asked about as how to treat enemies ,

An eye for an eye making the world totally blind. Mr Irshad Motala talked about the influence of Gandhi in the Worldly war affairs. The program concluded with the Guests of honor paying homage the probable site of Gandhi’s eviction on the Pietermaritzburg Railway Station premises. Dr Sriram Sonty also visited Mrs Ela Gandhi at the Phoenix Settlement in Durban , where she continued the works and legacy of Future Mahtama Gandhi.

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