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Sita Janma Utsav at Hindu Temple of Lake County

GRAYSLAKE, IL- The Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Grayslake, IL, celebrated Sita/Janaki Navami or Sita Janma Utsav (the birthday celebration) of Goddess Sita, one of the central figures in Ramayan of Treta yug, which was also coincided with the celebration of Mother’s Day, on Sunday, May 12, 2019, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm with hundreds of devotees

Temple priests, Pt. Ganesh Ji and Shri. Yogesh Pandey performed Sankalpam and chanting of Vedic Mantra along with participating in the Abhishekam of the Sita Ma, the daughter of Janaka, the king of Mithila with all the female deities of the temple by Pt. Anil Joshi Ji. Their chanting of Vedic Mantras created a divine atmosphere in the temple. The entry of female babies in the form of Sita Ma into the shrine was welcomed by the temple priests lead by Pt. Joshi Ji with all the Vedic rituals and Jai Sita Mata slogans by the devotees and young children.

Pt Joshi Ji delivered his thought-provoking discourse on the significance of Sita Navami.. Before Sringar Darshan and Arati were performed, melodious Bhajans were sung by Smt. Rita Patel, Shri. Athul Soni, and Shri. Kamlesh Desai and made everyone to immerse in their tunes.

This was followed by the Mother’s Day celebrations in a typical Hindu way with all the Vedic rituals. In the first round, all the Grandmas were revered by washing and wiping of their feet, offering of flowers, tilak, blessed chunni, gifts, and salutations to their feet by the young children. In the second round, all the mothers were also venerated in the same way by the children.
At the end, Pt. Joshi Ji thanked and blessed all the children, grandparents and parents and all other devotees for their active participation, successful life and making the event a grand success. He also thanked all the sponsors and volunteers for their support and time and admired their efforts. All the devotees were served Maha Prasadam prepared by Shri. Neelkanth Anand and his team.

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