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Chicago Telangana Association (CHITA) Cultural Festival Celebrations

CHICAGO, IL- Chicago Telangana Association(CHITA) wants to encourage the community by giving a platform to the people from the region to propagate the culture to the next generations. CHITA wanted to preserve the culture by showcasing it and bringing people together to resonate it. CHITA has been Phenomenal in doing this for about 15 years by organizing a Telangana cultural festival event celebrating our Telangana
culture and the people from Telangana. This year is no different for CHITA, they were phenomenal in organizing the event and entertaining the Telangana crowd in Chicago area land. The cultural festival
was organized in Plainfield, Illinois at Plainfield North high school on Saturday, April 27th, 2019.

General secretory of the organization, Mrs. Neelima Katakam, welcomed all the audience to the show and gave an overview of the fun filled programs in the event. She was the one who coordinated the
cultural programs and has been a main pillar of the event to bring the best of the show to the audience.

Over 800 people in Chicago who are hailed from Telangana region gathered together dressing up in a colorful traditional attire. Over 150 kids and adults dazzled in about 40 performances including dances,
performances, singing, fashion show, Telangana slang skit etc. This time the next generation Indian Americans teenagers were a jewel in the crown of the show. One of the notable highlights of the show was a mother – daughter relationship depicting performance which is no less than a Broadway musical show.

Hon’ble Consul General of India, Chicago, Shri Sudhakar Dalela was the chief guest for the event and he took time to make his presence at the event and addressed the crowd. He appreciated efforts of the
people for celebrating our culture in the United States of America.

CHITA Board member, Mr. Purna Allamneni addressed all the audience and educated the new CHITA family members about the organization and the charity events that the organization is doing back in the
region. CHITA President, Mr. Manoj Kondam talked about the event and gave his vote of thanks to all the sponsors, volunteers who worked tirelessly for this event. Vice president of the organization, Vittal
Erraveli, introduced the committee behind the event to the crowd and appreciated the efforts of the people who ran the show.

At the end of the event all the stars of the show, 163 participants took on the stage with their appreciation trophies. It was just not a house full show, it’s appropriate to say it was even a stage full participants show.

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