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Bal Vihar Youth Group Visited Baha’i Group in St. Louis, MO

ST LOUIS, MO- As human being, we all are one. This message has been spread throughout the world in many different forms, including religion. On March 31, 2019, Sunday, Bal Vihar’s Youth Groups ages 13 and 14 years in Y1 and Y2 from the Center for Indian Cultural Education of St. Louis visited the Baha’i Faith Center located in Webster Grove, MO. This educational tour allowed the youth to learn about the Baha’i Faith and were able to share Hindu Faith. Amazingly a lot of similarity.In Bahai faith, it is believed that there is one God, who sends many different prophets down to Earth. These prophets include Krishna, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Moses, and Bahá’u’lláh-the founder of their faith. As you can tell, this faith combines many different faiths such as Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism to create its own faith called Baha’i.

During the visit, both Bal Vihar and Baha’i youths learned how similar their beliefs truly were. Both Hindu and Baha’i believe in one God who has many different versions. In Hindu belief, it is thought to be
the Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu, while in the Baha’i faith, they are known as the prophets came to the earth throughout our time. Both faiths use a lunar calendar for specific dates for the religious events.
Fasting is another similarity between both faiths. In Hinduism, fasting leads to one becoming closer to reaching Moksha, the ultimate goal in life. In the Baha’i faith, after one reaches the age of spiritual maturity at fifteen, they fast for nineteen days in a year from sunrise to sunset, which is very similar to the style of fasting done in relation with Hinduism. This experience was very beneficial for everyone
involved, as we all learned much more about our fellow youth. It was amazing that the core beliefs of both of faiths were similar once we remove the outer aspects of our beliefs. Also, we both faiths really
thought that we are all one people.

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