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Indian Diaspora has organized Programs across the USA in Support of Modi

WOODBRIDGE, NJ- Indian American communities have enthusiastically participated in several programs organized by NRIs4Modi across the nation coast to coast. The key programs are, “Chowkidar March” in Woodbridge, NJ; Car rallies in Washington DC area including a mega car rally organized by the Sikhs4 Modi-2019 in Elkridge, MD and NRIs4Modi organized Car rally in Virginia.

“Sikhs of America” president, Shri Kanwalji Singh Soni said that they profusely thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for helping the global Sikh the community in many ways and fulfilling all their demands and requests during the last 5 years. He said that no Indian leader has ever done so much for the global Sikhs as Modi ji and his government. The Sikh community in India and the world are really grateful to Narendra Modi and the prayed for his return as the Prime Minister of India again.

Another car rally was organized by NRIs4Modi supporters in Virginia, travelling 12 miles from Aldie to Herndon, and honking horns all the way. Shri Adapa Prasad said that overwhelming majority of the Indian American community would like to see Modi back again for another term and Diaspora feels proud of Modi because he not only controlled the corruption in India but also took India to greater heights in all-round development and elevated India’s global position to high levels in all parameters.

A colorful “Chowkidar march” was organized in Woodbridge, New Jersey. Scores of Indian Diaspora supporters of Modi have marched from Iselin to Edison by chanting “Hum bhi Chowkidar”. OFBJP President, Shri Krishna Reddy said that people from different backgrounds joined the march with placards displayed in multiple languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannnada and Malayalam etc. “There is so much enthusiasm among the NRIs to bring back Modi govt”, he said.

Shri Nitin Gadkari and Shri Kailash Vijayvargiya have addressed the gatherings of 500 NRIs at NaMo Sangam meeting in San Francisco area. Shri Sunil Deodhar has addressed Chicago gathering.

Another “chai pe charcha” was organized in Paramus, NJ. More than 200 NRIs from northern New Jersey and New York have participated in this gala event. Houston team organized Callathon. “chai pe charcha” programs were organized in many cities across the nation including Detroit, Pittsburg, Boston, Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Tampa, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and more. Shri Ashwin Johar interacted with Los Angeles NRIs. Many such programs are being planned for the next several weeks including a Call-a-thon and outreach programs.