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Harish Kolasani elected as FIA President for 2019-2020

Harish Kolasani a young community leader who gained prominence for his long-standing tenure of exemplary leadership for NRI Seva Foundation – has been elected as the new FIA President for 2019-2020 at the General Body Meeting held on February 22, 2019 at North Shore Banquet Hall in Chicago.  Harish Kolasani a well-known frontline community figure of the Indian American community who served FIA for 7 years has been unanimously elected with collective acclamation – along with the newly elected executive board team comprising of: Ajeet Singh as Executive Vice President; Vishal Chhabria, Amrit Patel, Ruth Verma as Vice Presidents; Satish Dadepogu as Secretary; Emanuel Neela as Treasurer; Uma Katiki as Joint Secretary & Khurram Syed as Joint Treasurer.

Duly constituted Election Committee under the Chairmanship of Iftekhar Shareef conducted the FIA elections with Keerthi Kumar Ravoori and Ajai Agnihotri serving as co-chairs. With stringent adherence to the bylaws of FIA, the elections were conducted with due diligence with the three-member election committee affirming the elections after screening nominations forms, membership forms then announced, clarified, validated and then went on to certify the elections consistent with the provisions of the FIA constitution.

The general body meeting began with incumbent FIA President Dr. Sanhita Agnihotri welcoming the representatives of FIA organizations who went on to thank them for their steadfast support in helping FIA cross milestones.  Dr. Sanhita Agnihotri comprehensively outlined the accomplishments of FIA under her leadership tenure and the programs she initiated and pledged enthusiastic support to the new team.

Newly elected FIA President Harish Kolasani — who championed years of charitable and humanitarian work under the aegis of NRI Seva Foundation as its President – in his remarks, expressed immense gratitude to FIA members for bestowing him such a remarkable opportunity to serve as FIA President with such resounding strength of unanimity. Harish Kolasani announced – we will embark on a new journey with our team taking bold, aspiring fresh approach to undertake grand new initiatives that have been hitherto beyond the scope of traditional FIA and added under his leadership FIA stands steadfastly committed to promoting community’s shared vision, values and mission.

 Harish Kolasani reiterated that he and his new team will be an agent of change and said FIA will witness a paradigm shift in the way FIA functions and will enthusiastically undertake ambitious largescale community-oriented program initiatives that will bring honor and recognition to Indian Americans and will strive to help foster greater community coalition to host meaningful events and programs of majestic scale.

The general body meeting closed with FIA’s incoming Secretary Satish Dadepogu who proposed a vote of thanks.

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