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Restaurateur Acknowledges Trying to Frame Wife as Terrorist

HANOVER, MD. — A Maryland restaurateur has acknowledged he paid a man to both frame his wife as a terrorist and burn down his restaurant.

51-year-old Khalil Ahmad pleaded guilty Dec. 12 to stalking his estranged wife. In exchange, cases pending against him in three Baltimore area counties were dropped.

Federal court documents say Ahmad already faced financial ruin, and was worried about a divorce settlement’s financial impact. He discussed having her killed, but settled on paying an informant to frame her, with “a ballistic vest, firearm, bottles of alcohol and extremist jihad writings.”

Ahmad also planned to collect the insurance policy on his Pakistani restaurant, Allah Rakha, which means, roughly, “protected by God.”

According to his plea agreement, Ahmad and the victim were married in July 2015. Before and after their marriage, the victim lived in Howard County, Maryland, and Ahmad lived separately in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, it said. During their marriage, Ahmad threatened to kill the victim using a firearm. In April 2018, the victim informed Ahmad that she wanted a divorce, it added.

Ahmad subsequently decided to have the victim framed so that she would be arrested as a terrorist because she is from a Middle Eastern country.

As a result of his guilty plea to the federal stalking charge, the Anne Arundel County, Howard County, and Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s Offices have agreed to dismiss their pending cases against Ahmad, it said.

Ahmad faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for stalking and is subject to removal from the United States upon