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Guruvandana Program celebrated at Balaji Temple San Jose

SAN JOSE, CA .-based Balaji Matha Temple celebrated its annual Guruvandana program.

The three-day program is celebrated every year to glorify God and honor the Guru for all the service rendered to the welfare of the people and the society.

The three-day puja started Nov. 16 evening with an Abhishekam for Goddess Lakshmi, Peethadhipati Sri Narayanananda Swami assisted priest Vittalananda Swami ji in the Abhishekam. Temple volunteers Parthasarathy and Srivatsav also helped with the puja.

The devotees recited slokas and bhajans to please the divine mother and seek her blessings. Swami ji performed Archana and prayed for the welfare of all the devotees.

The evening of the second day was dedicated to Lord Balaji. The devotees participating in the program got a chance to do puja and offer the Kalashas, filled with holy water, to Lord Balaji. The Kalashas were then handed over to the priests, who did the Abhishekam for Lord Balaji on their behalf.

After the puja, all the devotees participated in the cultural programs performed by students from different schools. Traditional Bharatanatyam and other dances were performed as a means to please the Lord.

The third day of the Guruvandana puja started with the Satyanarayana Puja, Katha and Abhishekam for the Balaji Utsav Murthi.

The much-awaited Guru Puja took place in the early afternoon during which all the devotees performed Padha Puja to the Guru by offering flowers to the lotus feet of Peethadhipati Sri Narayanananda Swami to get his blessings.

The event coordinators, Elango Velayutham and Krishna Sheelam, acknowledged the devotees and sponsors who supported and volunteered during the program. Those included Poonam and Prabhu Goel, Sharad Baneerjee, Parthasarathy, Prasanna Seshadri, Kavitha Puttapaiahya, Padma and Ramya Satish.