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“Carols by Candlelight” Celebration Hosted by UTCC

(L-R) Raju Pasumarthi, India Council Mr. D.B. Bhatti, Sister Divya Vani (Tollywood Actress), Vijender Doma and Babu Verma

CHICAGO, IL— Songs, skits, music and dances evoked the spirit of Christmas at the ‘Carols by Candlelight’ occasion facilitated by the United Telugu Christian Community of Chicago (UTCC) on Saturday December 8, 2018 at the Croatian Cultural Center in Chicago. The Telugu community gathered to celebrate this holiday season with a night of worship and festive entertainment.

The Carols night commenced with the lighting of the approach flame lights together by Bishop J.J. Agepog, Rev. Samuel Vallabdas, Rev. VidhyaSagar, Rev. Rajamani Gonu, Rev Shadrach Katari, Rev. Peter Periera, Rev. Markus Konda, Rev. Omega Varma, Rev. Swaraj Perumala, Rev. Thomas Polepaka, Rev. Paul Gorre, Bro. Walter Benzamin Rev Shadrach Katari, Mrs. Subadra Viparthi, and Mrs. G. John

The included gospel speaker of the night Sister Divya Vani (Tollywood Actress) – approach message inspiring adulation while reviewing the awesome encounters living in the province of Andhra Pradesh

Vijender Doma honored India Council Mr. D.B. Bhatti with Indian tradition shawl and Shethal Panchel with flowers. Raju Pasumarthi introduced Guest speaker Sister Divya Vani Honored by Joyce Doma, Rani Goneh and Sarita Pasumarthi With shawl and flowers.

Christmas greetings were delivered by Illinois State Senator Ram Villivalam. Later in the program, Mrs. Raees Yawer (Commissioner of Streamwood Park District) also gave her Christmas greetings. FIA trusties Mr. Ajay Agnihotri, Mr. Ajeeth Singh, Rani Y, Shree Goswami, and Dr. Sonty were also in attendance. The celebrations continued long into the night with festive music, dancing, and fun.