Bal Vihar of St. Louis Celebrate Diwali

ST LOUIS, MO— One of the core themes of the Hindu religion is “Paropkaraha Punyaaya, Paapaya Parapeedanam” – Doing good to others is good merit and causing pain to others is sin. To a great extent, that is the integral theme of Bal Vihar of St. Louis. Every year Bal Vihar follows this principle through their “Donate-A-Diya” project.

At the Bal VIhar of St. Louis, students participated in the Donate-a-Diya project again this year. The project serves dual purpose- the students get to make and decorate a beautiful diya that they use during the Diwali puja and it remains as a keepsake that can be used year after year. The project also asks students to donate money to a charitable cause. Each year Bal Vihar picks a handful of charities and raises funds through this initiative for them. This yea,r Bal Vihar raised over $1600 for Asha for Education, Global Giving, and Spoorthy.

Boxed dinner made it easy for parents to head back home after the fireworks and enjoy the delicious food at the luxury of their homes.