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“Sri Guru Sai Leela” performed by Acharya Performing Arts Academy

CHICAGO, IL: Students of Acharya Performing Arts Academy under the guidance and direction of teacher/Guru Vidushi Asha Adiga Acharya recreated the divine moments that occurred before 100 years through “Sri Guru Sai Leela” dance drama on Vijayadashami celebration and Shiradi Sai baba 100th Samadi celebration, which was Oct 20th Saturday around 6pm at Aurora IL Sai baba temple.

In the dance drama, the performers enacted 5 heavenly stories extracted from the ‘Holy Sai Satcharithra’. The stories in which Shiradi Sai Baba taught his miraculous lessons through practical life experience. The morals and values that we have learned from Baba stores will be ever pervading in our minds building us as wise strong and compassionate humans.

The dance drama was directed and choreographed by Vidushi Guru Asha Adiga Acharya. Dance drama was performed by Acharya performing arts academy senior dance and music disciple with a live orchestra.

Acharya performing arts academy senior disciple Khristi Blocton very well performed the role of Shiradi sai baba, Madhavilatha Gali and Sharmila Chelladurai were also one of the main dance performers in the dance drama.

In the live orchestra singing and Nattuvangam was done by Vidushi Guru Asha Adiga Acharya, Violin – Rishabh Ranganathan, Mridangam – Soham Kaje, Harmonium – Muralidhara Kaje, Tabala – Srikumar Raja.

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