Diet Camp Hosted by Gurukul Syaminarayan mandir

CHICAGO, IL— On September 29th, Gurukul Swaminarayan Mandir organized the New Diet System camp, with more than 175 people in attendance. Mr. B.V. Chauhan, the creator of The New Diet System, said, “I have experimented with The New Diet System for a long time and started promoting it with the help of family, friends, relatives, sages and well-wishers.” His system combines physical activity and a proper nutritional diet in order to meet weight loss goals. This system is suitable for all age groups.

The benefits of adopting The New Diet System regularly includes boosting energy, raising hemoglobin levels naturally, curing calcium and B-12 deficiency, acidity, constipation, back pain, blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, allergy, eyesight problems, cholesterol, and asthma.

Mr. B.V. Patel has been organizing this camp for the last four years in the USA. For more information, or if you would like to organize camp in your city, contact Mr. Madhubhai Patel at 630-518-6376 or visit