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Actor Arun Singh to enter ‘Mere Sai’

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 His character is a guru who has visited different holy places and gained knowledge.

"I am enacting the role of Devidas, who is a knowledgeable person in terms of divinity and devotion. As per the story, he returns to Shirdi from the Himalayas after many years and realises that people are talking about Sai in the entire village," Arun said in a statement.

"His pride is hurt and he challenges Sai for a shastrarth, a duel about who possesses superior knowledge about God and religion. Working on the sets of ‘Mere Sai’ is a wonderful experience and the entire set has a positive atmosphere. The first time when I came to the set, I felt that I was visiting a religious place," he added.

"Mere Sai" is aired on Sony Entertainment Television.