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Niger musician Bombino wants to expose his culture worldwide

New Delhi, Dec 6 (IANS) Born and brought up in Niger, a landlocked country in West Africa, young Tuareg guitarist and songwriter Bombino wants to take his music to people and countries around the world to expose them to his culture.

"It is my target to take my music to different places, explain and make people understand my culture. I want them to know that we are nomads, who keep travelling to places and we like to be like this only," said Bombino, who was here for the second edition of the Amarrass Desert Music Festival.

About 80 percent of his country, with a 15 million population, is covered by the Sahara desert.

"There is war and other troubles everywhere in the country and it feels scary. I want to touch the hearts of the people with my music and spread the message of peace," Bombino told IANS.

The 32-year-old musician, whose real name is Goumar Almoctar, is a member of the Tuareg Ifoghas tribe, nomadic people who descended from North Africa.

Bombino picked up a guitar at the age of 12 and since then there has been no looking back. He began life as a professional musician in 1997 and says he is satisfied with the way things have turned out to be till now.

"For the moment I am satisfied with the kind of work I have done but can’t always be like this. My music comes from my heart and it is very much there in my blood. I have much more music to develop in the future," he said.

His debut album "Agadez", released last April, had topped of the iTunes World Chart. Now Bombino has recorded a new album with producer Dan Auerbach, which will be released early next year.

Talking about his first visit to the country, he said: "The place I live and here is very similar, especially the social life. I am here for the first time and it is great. I am definitely taking back with me lots of good memories and wish to be back soon."


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