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Gujarat Congress leader hooted out of ‘Chaalo Gujarat’ event by Modi supporters

Community reception for Guj Congress leader SS Gohil at TV Asia on Sept 2, 201220120907102410_l

Edison, NJ: Shaktisinh Gohil, leader of opposition in Gujarat Assembly, who attended the much hyped event of ‘Chaalo Gujarat’ was hooted out of the World Gujarat Convention on its third and final day for his remarks against Narendra Modi, the BJP Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi has strong support base among Indian Americans of Gujarati origin.
Gohil was addressing thousands of people, most of whom having strong roots in Gujarat, when he compared Modi’s policies with mythical ‘Sone ki Lanka’ (Golden Lanka) ruled by Ravana. The analogy Gohil was trying to interpret compared Modi with the demon king Ravana. "As the golden Lanka didn’t reflect the agony of its people, Modi’s progress didn’t represent the reality in Gujarat, where even widow’s pension is not raised in many years," said Gohil.
Gohil’s comments quickly backfired as some members of the audience loudly protested that resulted into a disruption of the proceedings. Someone turned off the microphone and the organizers escorted him out of the stage.
Gohil, who claimed to have close ties with Gujarat Congress leader Ahmed Patel and access to Sonia Gandhi, is facing an uphill battle against the incumbent Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, whose popularity makes him a formidable candidate in the forthcoming Gujarat Assembly election, scheduled to be held by end of the current year.
During his current visit to New Jersey, Gohil met a number of anti-Modi activists, many of who worked for years to mobilize support and atmosphere that prompted denial to US visa for Modi. Prominent among them were activists led by Saeed Patel, an IT professional based in Englewood, NJ. Making a stopover at Patel’s residence, Gohil declared that Modi’s days were numbered. "People of Gujarat are realizing that the progressive policies of Modi were only helping his favorite industrialists," said Gohil as his supporters vowed to keep working for creating visa denials for Modi from Asian countries as well. Patel and other activists sought Congress support to create anti Modi atmosphere around the world. "We have succeeded in denying visa for him to visit USA and European Union. We want to make sure that he is barred entry into countries like China and Japan," they told Gohil.


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