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Gujarati drama fest held in NY


New York: Drama Festival was organized by Gujarati Samaj of New York in association with Shakuntal Arts on August 4 at Gujarat Samaj’s community center in Fresh Meadows, NY. Five plays were staged in a day. The drama committee comprised Bharti Desai, Rohit Pandya, RD Patel, Manikant Patel & Sailesh Trivedi. 
Drama Planning & Presentation of Festival: Sailesh Trivedi The first play was by Rakesh Nayak titled ‘Sarhad’ and as the title suggests it was about two soldiers of two countries on the border. The second play was Hemant Sheths’ ‘Dashavtar’. It was a comedy about what will happen if god takes another birth in this world. Rohit Pandya’s ‘Aam amasta besvu’ was the third play staged. It was about four friends talking about the system and their life and likings. ‘Ba Mommy Mom’ by Sonia Shah was the third play. The fifth was traditional folk form of ‘Bhavai’ performed by Shailesh Trivedi. It was a satire on the theatre scenario where insincere actors make the worst show of  one of the best plays Ramayan. More than 250 people attended the festival.This event was organized by NY Gujarati Samaj after they saw last year’s three day drama festival in New Jersey.

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