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Thousands without power as storm hits Britain

London : Gale, snow and rain swept Britain Tuesday, killing at least one person and leaving thousands of people without power supply.

Gale, with its force culminating at 160 km per hour, damaged the terminal building of the Edinburgh Airport. On the English Channel, the Port of Dover was closed, Xinhua reported.

In many parts of the Britain, trees snapped by the wind obstructed railways. Train services in some areas were suspended and replaced by buses.

Trucks were toppled due to the gale. Many bridges, such as the Kingston Bridge, were shut.

The wind also cut off power supplies. Around 10,000 households in Northern Ireland and 60,000 in Scotland were waiting for power supply’s restoration in the cold weather.

Even London was pounded at noon by torrential rains, which hammered windows with loud noises, and swirling wind was shaking trees vehemently.

According to BBC forecast, rainfall will last till Wednesday and the north and east parts will continue to be fanned by high winds.

Police have advised people to refrain from travelling and take caution.

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