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Best home cleaning products for impeccable household cleaning


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Best home cleaning products for impeccable household cleaning

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The current condition of the world compels us to take some extra efforts towards health and hygiene. Amidst the cleaning and health conscious fuss, make sure you count on your household twice. It is important to clean every nook and corner of your house with the best home cleaning products and disinfectants. For ultimate cleaning, you might need the help of bathroom cleaning products, toilet cleaning products, marble cleaning products, floor cleaning products and other cleaning tools. From the huge list of household cleaning products, we have hand picked some worth appreciating cleaning products for you. Go check it out!


Best home cleaning products that you should bring home at the earliest: 


1. U.P.C. Hands-Free Squeeze Microfiber Flat Spin Mop


This flat spin mop has a 360 degrees flexible head for trouble free cleaning. It accompanies one super absorbent microfibre pad with an extended stainless steel handle. It is one such spin mop that cleans tiles, wooden, marble and cement floors easily. It doesn’t leave behind any mop marks and helps you in attaining sparkling floor. This mop is widely used not only for mopping but also for sweeping dirt and grime. 


Price: Rs. 2399

Deal: Rs. 1299

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2. SHOPPOFOBIX Microfiber Duster


This microfiber duster comes with a stainless steel extension pole. The bendable handle provides maximum grip while cleaning. The head and pole of the duster are detachable and hence occupies less storage space. The duster head is washable as it is made up of electrostatic microfibers. The telescopic rod of the duster has in total 8 levels for squeaky clean household. 


Price: Rs. 1899

Deal: Rs. 699

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3. Jakmister ANTI-VIBRATION Electric Air Blower


This air blower is a must have home cleaning product. It is one of the great electric air blowers that clears dust from every nook of your home. It has an unbreakable body, fan and pipe. The ergonomic handle offers comfortable grip while dusting. This air blower is very effective in cleaning air conditions and heavy electrical appliances. 


Price: Rs. 2000

Deal: Rs. 749

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4. AGARO Regal Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner


This vacuum cleaner is a 2 in one vacuum. It can be used as a hand vacuum cleaner and a stick vacuum cleaner. It captures embedded dust and dirt with ease due to its powerful suction technology. It is light in weight, portable and allows you to personalise your cleaning sessions. It cleans dusted areas within a flash and the compact body of the machine makes it one of the best home cleaning products of your household. 


Price: Rs. 2999

Deal: Rs. 2111

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5. Milford Plastic Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Spin Scrubber


This Milford Plastic Electric Cordless Bathroom Shower Spin Scrubber is a tile cleaner machine. It is one of the widely recommended bathroom cleaning products that you should vouch for at the earliest. It comes with 3 replaceable floor cleaning brushes and a long extendable handle. This scrubber is meant for extensive use while cleaning  shower area, bath tub, kitchen, baseboard, sink, bathroom walls, windows and many more. It is a cleaning essential that is cordless and a powerful tool that adjusts according to your cleaning necessities. 


Price: Rs. 1999

Deal: Rs. 1599

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6. Toilet Plunger Set


Looking for the best toilet cleaning products? Check out this toilet plunger set. It has a high pressure air drain pump plunger with a gun like structure. It vanishes the toughest clogs in your drain with its powerful air blast. All you have to do is pump the drain blaster and squeeze the trigger. The clog and blockages are cleared instantly. It comes with 4 sized suckers for efficient cleaning. Now you can clear the clogs stuck in bathrooms, toilets, sinks and bathtubs in a jiffy. 


Price: Rs. 2699

Deal: Rs. 1026

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7. Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop


This twin bucket spin mop is all that you need for easy wringing and rinsing. The microfibre technology of the mop helps to lift and trap dirt for superior cleaning. It also has a 360 degree telescopic handle to reach nooks and corners with less effort. The detachable handles of this best home cleaning product serves all household cleaning purposes of the common man. 


Price: Rs. 1300

Deal: Rs. 979

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8. Mixinpro Spray Mop


This spray mop is what you need to clean hardwood, laminate, tiles and floors. It has a reusable microfibre pad that will leave your floor sparkling. The water storage tank of the spray mop has a spray sprinkler and easy to detach baseboard. It also has a squeezed handle that will help you clean under the bed, sofa, kitchen, hardwood, tile, laminate, ceramic, vinyl or concrete floor.


Price: Rs. 1299

Deal: Rs. 722

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So which are the best home cleaning products you wish to bring home at the earliest? Household cleaning will never be so much and a less time consuming job with these cleaning products at your hands. These cleaning products will not only save your energy but also will help you maintain your house in the most easy way. 


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Best home cleaning products for impeccable household cleaning

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