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Baltimore Bridge Crash Spurs Outrage Over Racist Cartoon Depicting Tragic Incident


BALTIMORE, MD – The cargo ship incident in Baltimore, resulting in tragic fatalities and economic damage, has sparked both commendation for the crew’s prompt distress call and criticism for insensitive portrayals. President Joe Biden and other officials commended the crew for their swift Mayday call, which aided in emergency response efforts. However, a webcomic’s depiction of the “Last known recording from inside the Dali moments before impact” has drawn widespread condemnation.

Shared on social media, the cartoon features individuals speaking in broken English with exaggerated Indian accents, while dressed in culturally inappropriate attire. This portrayal has been rightfully criticized for its racism and derogatory nature, further compounded by its insensitivity toward the crew’s efforts during the crisis.

Beyond the unacceptable racial stereotypes perpetuated by the cartoon, it undermines the professionalism and bravery exhibited by the crew during the emergency. Such depictions not only perpetuate harmful stereotypes but also detract from acknowledging the crew’s crucial role in mitigating further harm and facilitating emergency response efforts.

In times of tragedy, it’s essential to uphold respect for all individuals involved and refrain from perpetuating harmful stereotypes that only serve to divide and demean. Instead, the focus should remain on honoring the lives lost, supporting affected communities, and ensuring accountability and safety measures to prevent future incidents.


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