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Avoid mistakes due to over enthusiasm or over sincerity: PM Modi (Lead)


New Delhi, Jan 29 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asked the students to avoid mistakes due to over enthusiasm of the parents or by being over sincere.

He asked the parents not to over-hype the exam day by new clothes, rituals or stationery. He also asked the students not to keep preparing until the last moment and approach exams with a relaxed mindset and to avoid any external destruction that can lead to unwanted tension. The Prime Minister advised the students to read the question paper and plan with time allocation to avoid panic at the last moment and reminded them that most of the exams are still written and the habit of writing is declining due to computers and phones. He asked them to stay in the habit of writing. He asked them to devote 50 percent of their reading/study time to writing. He said only when you write something you truly understand that. He asked them not to be panicked by the speed of the other students. Raising the issue of striking a balance between exam preparation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, students asked the Prime Minister about managing studies along with exercise. He also mentioned the need to recharge mobile phones to illustrate the need to take care of physical health. He asked for maintaining a balanced lifestyle and avoiding excess of everything. “Healthy body is critical for a healthy mind,” PM Modi said. He said being healthy requires some routines and asked about spending time in sunlight and getting regular and complete sleep. He pointed out that habits like screen time are eating into the required sleep which is considered very important by modern health science. The Prime Minister said that in his personal life too he has maintained a system of going into deep sleep within 30 seconds of going to bed. “Awake fully when awake and sound sleep while asleep, is a balance that can be achieved,” he said. Speaking about nutrition, PM Modi stressed the balanced diet. He also emphasised the importance of regular exercise and physical activities for fitness.The Prime Minister suggested attaining clarity when it comes to career path and avoiding confusion and indecisiveness. Giving the example of cleanliness and the Prime Minister’s resolve behind, PM Modi underlined that ‘Swachhata’ is becoming a priority area in the nation. He informed that India’s market in the art and culture sector has grown 250 times in the last 10 years. Speaking about the National Education Policy, the Prime Minister highlighted the provisions to adopt different courses rather than being bound by a single stream. The Prime Minister said students should be sincere and honest in their dealings. Similarly, parents should also convey their confidence in their children instead of suspicion. The distance created by the trust deficit can push children into depression. The Prime Minister asked the teachers to keep channels of communication open with the students and avoid favoritism.–IANSgcb/dan

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