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As Covid-19 third waves looks, a community-led plan could help India combat the challenge


After weeks of havoc across the country amid the second wave, Covid-19 cases in India are finally declining. In these moments of the much-needed respite, it’s worth remembering that we have only limited time left before we face the looming threat of the third wave.

It is time for us to look back, learn from experiences and scale up what worked. One of such experiences is how collective community conscience transcended into affirmative action. The way thousands of SOS calls on social media were responded to and uncountable human lives were saved by unknown messiahs is a testimony to this.

Community actions of various kinds have been working successfully in various pockets of the country. It is now important to scale such successful community models,.

Despite the deadly nature of the second wave, it is noteworthy that over 80% of total infections are still mildly symptomatic or asymptomatic, as was the case in the first wave. However, due to the higher rate of transmission, mildly symptomatic patients transmit the infection to their family members much faster – the reason we see entire families being affected, unlike the first wave.

Many of these are high-risk individuals and possess a higher threat of developing moderate-to-severe symptoms when…

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