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‘All American Diner’ In Delhi Shut Down & People Are Sharing Their Memories Attached To It


Long before the capital was brimming with eateries and malls even came into existence, the crème de la crème, the college going crowd, lovers bunking classes together and friends reuniting to spend their saved pocket money on an expensive meal, all knocked door at the iconic All American Diner located at the India Habitat Centre. All the 90’s kids who grew up watching sitcoms, reading Archies and English movies brought their dream of dining at a booth in an American restaurant alive here as the interior mirrored how American cafes look like.

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Sadly, the piece of nostalgia which is a part of everyone’s life in Delhi shut down its doors permanently to pave way for a reincarnated version called Habitat Hub. When the piece of news floated on the internet like fire last evening, people couldn’t stop expressing their displeasure and sadness.

Naturally, there was a virtual reunion where everyone started sharing their memories attached to this iconic place which was more than a restaurant serving dollops of ice-cream on a shake glass or oversized hotdogs, which were what carb dreams are made of.

Breakfast dates will never mean the same #AllAmericanDiner https://t.co/wW0j6GsLXM

— Srinidhi G Krishnan (@srinidhi_gk) July 18, 2021

India Habitat Centre will never be the same again. RIP 🪦 The All American Diner pic.twitter.com/uTMw8X5ZzS

— AARIZ RIZVI (@AarizRizvi) July 18, 2021

The All American Diner is now Habitat Hub.

End of an era!


— Nikhil Chawla (@nikhilchawla) July 18, 2021

EXACTLY what I am trying to say!

When I lived in Delhi, going to the All American Diner basically meant a peek into the “American life” measured in pancakes, OJ, and red barstools. Now that I live here, find the syrup too syrupy and the stack too high, AAD remains a part of the vision of life I though I’d build

— Bedatri D Choudhury (@Bedatri) July 18, 2021

The sadness at All American Diner shutting down despite the food quality dropping and the prices rising, tells you there’s something unsaid about why you love a place, thing or person.

(Me as a therapist, mayybe)

— Vikramjit Singh (@Vikramjit_S) July 19, 2021

While the millennial Delhi crowd has been whining about how it is the end of an era, there are some people who probably NEVER got to go there but are still mad that it’s shut. That explains how culturally inherent it was in our lives while living in Delhi..

never got the chance to go to The All American Diner, the angrez in me always wanted to 🙁

— Pallavi Bhatia (@pallaviibhatia) July 18, 2021

all american diner is closing i always wanted to go there it looked so pretty in pictures i blame my parents for never letting me go anywhere

— celeste (@nob0dynocrime) July 19, 2021

The place was a go-to place for anyone craving an all-day breakfast menu, when OJ and maple syrup on waffles was something we only imagined while eating Malpua at home. Even though it’s revamped, the memories, the nostalgia surrounding those dimly lit booths and bar stools will never be the same for a Dilliwala. Do you have a memory attached to this place? Share with us! 

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