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DIY coconut oil sugar scrubs: Latest beauty trend for glowing skin

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Almost all of us crave for radiating, shiny, healthy, and beautiful skin, especially when we see celebs looking their absolute gorgeous and charming self in their no-makeup makeup selfies. Although they have a ton of people who take care of your skincare routine, you do not have to go that overboard. Surprised? Yes, simple homemade coconut oil sugar scrubs will do just the trick for you!
Now, we know that exfoliation is the primary key to achieving soft and flawless skin. And what best than to use the coveted sugar scrubs. However bad sugar is to consume, it works miraculously when it comes to skincare and beauty recipes. Moreover, sugar scrubs with coconut oil prove to be double beneficial for your skin texture. Best thing – the coconut oil sugar scrub recipe is super easy to make with only two ingredients, and you can do a DIY within seconds at home – your own homemade sugar scrub!
Without much chit-chat and loads of excitement, let’s discover coconut oil sugar scrub benefits, recipes, uses, and much more in this article – after all, it is the latest trend in the beauty industry, and you would not want to miss out on this!

What are coconut oil sugar scrubs?

We know that coconut oil is great when it comes to nourishing your hair. However, coconut oil is also one of the best moisturizing ingredients for your skin. And sugar is one of the best exfoliants for your skin. So, dermatologists thought, why not combine them and find out what power unleashes. Boom – coconut oil sugar scrubs!
What happened was that when the researchers infused them together, they got a skincare product that is highly beneficial for your skin, especially your face. Not only will sugar scrubs with coconut oil leave your skin feeling silky soft and radiant but also improve the overall blood flow to your skin. Furthermore, the coconut oil sugar scrub recipe is immensely uncomplicated, requiring only two ingredients – coconut oil and sugar – that you can effortlessly DIY within seconds at your home. You can use this sugar scrub to exfoliate the dirty pores or makeup residues from your face, dead skin from your lips, and even a smooth bikini area!

How to make coconut oil sugar scrubs at home? Easy DIY, recipe, and tutorial

The coconut oil sugar scrub recipe is exceptionally straightforward. To make the homemade sugar scrub, all you have to do is combine sugar and coconut oil until you get your desired consistency. In case your coconut oil is hard, slightly warm it until it becomes semi-liquid, making it easier to mix sugar.

Ingredients required for coconut oil sugar scrubs


Sugar – granulated or organic – 1/4 cup

(You can also use up to 1/2 cup if you wish to have a scrub that has a more coarse and sand-like texture)

Coconut oil – 1/2 cup

NOTE: You can replace your basic coconut oil with extra virgin coconut oil (if you love coconut aroma) or refined coconut oil (if you do not want to get stuck with the coconut smell).
You can also replace sugar with brown sugar.

Additional ingredients (for added benefits and fragrance)


Citrus fruit zest – orange, grapefruit, berries, lime, etc. – 1 tablespoon (which is equal to the zest of one piece of fruit)


Essential oils – grapefruit, pomegranate, lavender, lemon, etc. – 1/2 teaspoon (about 50 drops)


Directions to make coconut oil sugar scrub DIY


Mix two parts of sugar (one cup) with one part of coconut oil (1/2 cup).
You may add more sugar if you desire a much coarser consistency or add more oil for a more liquidy consistency. (if you are a beginner at scrubbing, please use less sugar to make it less harsh, until your skin, especially facial skin, becomes used to it).
Also, you can elevate your coconut oil sugar scrubs by infusing other ingredients, like citrus zests (orange, grapefruit, berries, lime, etc.) and/or essential oils (grapefruit, pomegranate, lavender, lemon, etc.).
Although, remember to be careful and use controlled amounts of essential oils, as they can be far more overpowering than your other base ingredients. No more than the above-mentioned amount of essential oils or citrus zest should be used, which would be plenty and adequate to provide their pleasant aroma and their intense health benefits.
If you are all about celebrating natural life, using natural products, highlighting organic ingredients, and would looove to use herbs – you can efficiently incorporate mint, sage, rosemary, and even a few rose petals!


How to use homemade coconut oil sugar scrubs?

Homemade sugar scrubs with coconut oil scrubs are tremendously easy to use. If you are a newbie to scrubbing, simply follow the steps mentioned below.

Firstly, shower in lukewarm water to open your pores and relax your skin.
Use your favorite body wash, soap, or cleanser (as you normally would) to prepare your skin to be scrubbed with your homemade coconut oil sugar scrubs.
Once your body wash is rinsed thoroughly, start scrubbing (gently massaging in slow circular motions) the desired areas of your skin with your homemade or store-bought sugar scrub with coconut oil.
The coconut oil will (most probably) dissolve within thirty seconds’ to one minute’s time, leaving your face feeling slightly grainy and rosy.
Once you are satisfied with your scrubbing, switch to a bit colder water to rinse off the scrub to tighten your scrubbed skin and close your pores.
Completely dry off your body (dab-dab) with a soft cotton towel.
Lastly and most importantly, do not forget to apply lotion, especially to your freshly exfoliated body parts, to trap all the moisture in your skin.


Coconut oil sugar scrubs for face and coconut oil sugar scrubs for lips


Wash your face thoroughly.
Take a small quantity of the coconut oil scrub in your hands.
Apply it all over your face – including under eyes and lips – but leave the top part of your eyes.
Gently massage for about thirty seconds in a circular motion.
Then, rinse with cold water and dab dry with a clean towel.


Coconut oil sugar scrubs for bikini line, legs, and feet


Soak your feet and legs in lukewarm water for a few minutes to soften and clean the skin.
Sit on a small stool or the edge of your bathtub in a comfortable position.
Take a small quantity of the coconut oil scrub in your hands.
Apply it all over your legs, feet, and bikini line.
Then massage it with gentle hands.
Also, focus on the nail tips, areas between your toes, and (if any) dry patches.
If you also wish to it apply the scrub to the soles of your feet, make sure you wash them thoroughly using a mild cleanser or soap before you stand up to avoid slipping.


Coconut oil sugar scrubs for hands, arms, and underarms


Clean your hands and fingertips.
Make sure your underarms are waxed (if you wish to scrub them).
Take a small quantity of the coconut oil scrub in your hands.
Apply it all over your hands, arms, and underarms.
Gently massage those places for at least a minute.
Once done, rinse off the scrub with cold water and pat them dry with a soft cotton towel.

NOTE: The idea is to massage the coconut oil sugar scrubs into your skin to remove any dead skin cells. So, do not use them back to back two days in a row as it will leave your skin dry and damaged.

8 Benefits of coconut oil sugar scrubs

Who knew a simple homemade scrub can offer such exemplary benefits AND super soft glimmering skin. Read below all the benefits of using sugar scrubs with coconut oil, especially homemade scrubs.

1. Effective exfoliation

Coconut oil with sugar scrub can efficiently get rid of your dead skin cells. As compared to salt, sugar particles are less abrasive. Therefore, they clear out the dirt, open your pores, stimulate skin cell growth, and remove all makeup residues from your skin much more effectively.

2. Helps in skincare

Coconut oil contains rich nutrients like vitamin E that improve the overall health of the skin. When using coconut oil for sugar scrubs to exfoliate your skin remember not to completely melt the sugar, so that the coconut oil is kept relatively soft or semi-liquid, but not fully liquefied. This method ensures that those sugar granules will efficiently help to unclog the pores, scrape away your dead skin cells, and remove any dirt, debris, and grime coating your face.

3. Aids in keeping your skin hydrated

Coconut oil is naturally moisturizing in its nature. It is a tremendously excellent emollient and immensely beneficial in preventing dry, flaky, dead skin and treating conditions like atopic dermatitis. On the other hand, sugar is a brilliant humectant that intakes moisture from the environment to keep your skin hydrated.

4. Helps as an effective eye makeup remover

Everyone out there who has had to remove makeup knows that the process is highly annoying, time-taking, stressful, and painful. Not only that, the hard chemicals in most of those makeup-removing products are found to be terribly bad for your skin. They can also leave your face looking blotchy, horrific, and irritated, not to forget the pain and tears you get if it accidentally gets into your eyes. Contrastingly, coconut oil sugar scrubs can quickly, easily, and painlessly remove all the makeup from your face while simultaneously exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing the skin.

5. Coconut oil kills harmful bacteria

Coconut oil, undoubtedly, has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that aid in preventing any skin-related issues that are caused by bacteria or fungi.

6. Contains antioxidant properties

The antioxidant properties of the coconut oil in sugar scrubs protect your skin from any environmental damage, free radicals, and also oxidative stress.

7. May show anti-aging effects

The face often faces the bluntness of the environment – pollutants, irritants – and physical contact. It is, after all, the part of your body that is most probably always exposed to the harsh world. Not, this most certainly tends to speed up the process of oxidative stress and cellular breakdown, often the primary reasons behind early-age wrinkles, dark spots, age spots, and many more of such other unwanted negative impacts. Here, coconut oil sugar scrubs prove to be beneficial. If you use these scrubs, especially homemade ones, at least two times a week, you will surely see improvement in your appearance. With its antioxidant benefits, there will be a noticeable boost in the elasticity of your skin which, in turn, will cut down your wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling silkier and looking younger.

8. Can prevent razor bumps and ingrown hair

Using the coconut oil sugar scrubs on the affected area (where you get the most ingrown hairs or have recently used a razor to remove hair) about a minimum of three times a week will possibly prevent your hair from curling up inside your skin.

Possible side effects or risks of using coconut oil sugar scrubs

The whole point of exfoliating your skin is to make it soft, smooth and rejuvenated. However, unlike any other beauty product, if you overuse them, these scrubs will work negatively on your skin.
Sugar scrubs are coarse in nature, consisting of large sugar crystals, and regularly exfoliating your skin with them will tend to leave abrasions and dryness on your skin. Moreover, the harsh texture of sugar scrubs (even homemade scrubs) proves to be too rough for your facial skin and may create small ruptures in the skin, leading to damage.
Using coconut oil sugar scrubs frequently on your skin can lead to –

scratches, and

Besides, you should avoid these scrubs if you have eczema, overly sensitive skin, or any inflammatory skin problem.
However, these potential side effects and risks can be reduced if you make your own homemade sugar scrub with coconut oil by using finely powdered brown or white sugar granules.
Talk to your dermatologist or skin specialist if you experience any side effects at all after scrubbing, especially if that impact fails to improve even after a couple of days.

Wrapping Up

Coconut oil sugar scrubs are apparently the best way to take control of your skincare routine. And instead of buying unnecessarily expensive scrubs, you can effortlessly whip them up in the comfort of your own home and reap the exclusive benefits of this budget-friendly and natural skincare product. Also, making your homemade scrub from coconut oils and sugar is a superb alternative to buying expensive spa products. Plus, there will not be any harmful ingredients, chemicals, and preservatives to worry about (win-win). The only thing to strictly keep in mind is that the scrubbing should only be done once or twice a week to avoid the possible side effects.
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