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Pishachini First Episode Review: Gorgeous evil witch, revengeful saga makes for a done-till-death concept

In the world of Naagins, Daayans, Witches, and all things evil yet ‘good looking’, here is Pishachini getting added to the list. Colors TV after ‘selling gorgeous snakes’, especially “Ichchadhaari” ones to the audience, are introducing good-looking witches aka Pishachinis.
The story of a wicked damsel ‘so not’ in distress, how she is the sole reason for number of gruesome deaths in her area, and her way of captivating people with her beauty just to scare them out of their wits, is basically what formed the first episode of the show.
The episode begins with a beautiful woman wandering alone in the forest, dressed in her quintessential ‘horror costume’- an all-white modernly draped saree. Meanwhile, in the city, an affluential family of Rathores is seen offering prayers at a hawan.
The family is baffled when the priest informs them about the existence of a Pishachini on the land where the family is performing pooja. 
Cut to a massive Pischini attack on the caretaker of the land who commits a grave mistake by not following the advice of people against the presence of the evil witch.
The priest arrives there but Pishachini attacks him too using black magic, but the holy chain worn by the priest protects him. The priest starts chanting a mantra and with all his holy powers, captures Pishachini in a vintage box. An angry but confident Pishachini vows to return to seek revenge and get her land back.
The priest places the box in a pit and alerts the family of how the Pishachini can hypnotize anyone using her black magic to open the box and set herself free. He warns the family to always keep this box closed under all circumstances.
But just like every family, or rather every melodramatic family, the Rathores too have their in-house ‘Khatron Ke Khiladis’, Pratik and Amrita who expect the Pishachini to fulfill their wishes and desires instead of killing them!
The family is in for a shock when they see the box along with Pratik and Amrita missing. The priest gives the family a red bag for their protection from Pishachini and leaves before another attack.
Cut to 20 years later, a young boy Rocky in his mid-20s is seen riding a bike.
What follows next is his mischievous yet harmless antics. He is the star of the college more for his good looks and selfless nature.
After helping and meeting his day’s quota of good work, a tired Rocky returns home to a squabble amidst family members. He hears Bauji talk about 20-year-old trouble and wonders what is the mystery all about. Elsewhere, Pishachini who seems to be all set for an attack after 20-long-years, laughs evil and says that the Rathore family has to return to her at any cost. The episode ends with a young girl offering her prayers to Lord Hanuman.
The show stars Nyra Banerjee, Jiya Shankar and Harsh Rajput in the lead.
Well, the storyline, the characterization, VFX, graphics, and moreover the concept are nothing that Indian Television viewers haven’t seen before! Black magic, White sarees, heavy make-up, revenge-seeking drama, pretty much similar dialogues, and importantly extremely good-looking witches, is a done-till-death concept.
But all these shows get me thinking- how are these witches this beautiful?! I mean, they can totally give the main female characters of respective shows a run for their money! Well, black magic, common myth, or branded make-up?
What do you think is the real mystery?!
Pinkvilla, PIC Credit: Colors TV YouTube

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