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Driving alone is helping Putin – Ukrainian MP

The head of Rada’s energy committee urged citizens to consume petrol responsibly

Driving alone is not a smart way to use resources amid the current energy crisis, so those who are wasting petrol are helping Russian President Vladimir Putin, Andrey Gerus, head of the energy committee of the Ukrainian parliament, claimed.

Speaking during a briefing on Tuesday, Gerus expressed gratitude to the oil products supplies from Europe and the fact that the situation at gas stations was stabilizing and, as he hoped, would be further improving. In June, Ukraine was able to increase fuel imports by 50% compared to May – up to 600,000 tons, Geros said. However, he argued, citizens should also be responsible.

It would be nice to cooperate and to have several people in the car. We can say that if you are driving alone – it means you are driving Putin. If you have a seat on the right and free seats behind it, this is not the optimal use of resources.

Gerus, who represents Ukraine’s ruling party ‘Servant of the People’, also revealed that at some gas stations there was a limit of 40 liters per car, and at some there were 20 liters left. He pledged that in July these limits would “either be raised or removed.”

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Sri Lanka has barely enough fuel to last one day – media

The EU has faced an energy crunch over the past few months, as member countries took steps to decrease Russian energy supplies after Moscow launched its military operation in Ukraine.

European officials have been accusing the Kremlin of using energy resources as a political weapon, saying that the Ukrainian conflict was responsible for the soaring price of petrol and diesel, spikes in inflation, and the skyrocketing cost of living. Moscow has rejected the accusations, saying that the current crisis is a result of systematic mistakes in the economic policies implemented by Western leaders.

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