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6 Ways To Reduce Your Belly Fat

One of the most stubborn pockets of fats, belly fat, is something that can harm not just our physical health but also our mental health because of the low self-esteem caused by body image issues. The reasons for an increasing waistline and tummy fat can be many; however, the solution that works for every one of those reasons is exercising paired with a good calorie deficit, fiber, and protein-rich diet. If done regularly and correctly, these stomach exercises to reduce belly fat will boost your metabolism and cause your body to burn calories faster.

Keep reading for a list of 6 ways and exercise to reduce belly fat

Cut out refined carbs
All the burgers, fries, sugary drinks, fried food, and refined flour go. These items are highly processed and have tons of fructose and refined carbs and few vitamins and minerals. As a result, they make you full faster, digest quickly, and make you hungry again in less than 3 hours, leading to more cravings. These foods also increase blood triglycerides, spike sugar levels and build insulin resistance which can later cause blood pressure problems and even diabetes.

Increase protein intake
The best way to kickstart your weight loss or belly fat reduction journey is by increasing your protein intake. It is an essential macronutrient that, according to studies, reduces cravings, keeps you full for more extended periods, speeds up metabolism and also slows down fat gain. Include eggs, fish and other types of meat, legumes, soy, paneer and other dairy products in your diet, and you will start to see a difference in your body in under a month.

protein-rich food

Include more fiber
Fiber is an essential nutrient that you should include more of in your diet if you want to reduce belly fat and prevent the rapid gain of fat in the area. Increasing the intake of insoluble fiber that does not mix with water but works as a bulking agent will drastically improve digestive function and keep constipation at bay. And increasing the intake of soluble fiber will ensure that your body produces minerals and protein in ample amounts. It also encourages the growth of gut bacteria essential for various functions.

Now, here are three effective exercises to reduce belly fat:

Mountain climbers
Changing your diet will kickstart your belly reduction journey well; you will have to follow it with plenty of workouts to see the faster results. Mountain climbers engage, tone, and strengthen your core, thigh, arm, and shoulder muscles.

Planks and different variations of planks like the high plank, plank jacks, and side planks, when done correctly, engage all nine regions of your abdomen. If you are a beginner, holding the plank for 20-30 seconds is ideal.


Jumping Jacks
The best cardio exercise to reduce belly fat is jumping jacks because their fast pace burns many calories faster. 100-150 jumping jacks per day on an empty stomach should be a good start for a beginner.

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