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Michelle Williams on reprising her role of Anne Weying in Venom 3: I certainly hope they bring me back

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Michelle Williams is eager to reprise her role as Anne Weying in Venom 3 and is awaiting an invitation. Williams co-starred with Tom Hardy in both Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Williams plays Weying, Brock’s ex-fiancée, in the first two Venom films. Despite the fact that she is now engaged to Dan Lewis (Reid Scott), she and Brock remain friends. Weying and Lewis are both aware of Brock’s actual identity and that he is the host of Venom. As a consequence, the two have become engrossed in his exploits and even assisted him in defeating Carnage. It remains to be seen how Brock will be reunited with Weying and Lewis now that he is a fugitive. Weying has also temporarily harboured the symbiote, transforming her into She-Venom.

However, Williams announced her willingness to reprise her role as Weying in Venom 3 in an interview with Variety. She fully intends to reprise her part in the sequel and is only awaiting an invitation. While her involvement in the film has not yet been confirmed, she is optimistic that she will be brought back. Michelle said as per Screenrant, “I have every intention of continuing with the series. I certainly hope they bring me back.”

Meanwhile, It’s hardly surprising that Williams wants to return to the brand since she’s always been outspoken about her love for it. The character of Weying in Venom is a departure from Williams’ usually sombre performances. She still believes that Venom is vital for her career and that it tests her emotionally.

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