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Convert examination into festival, says PM Modi on ‘Pareeksha Pe Charcha’

Vibha Sharma

New Delhi, April 1

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the session on “Pariksha Pe Charcha” will be about how to convert examination into a festival.

He said he will try to cover as many questions as possible. However, those which are left, will be addressed via videos, audios and text loaded at the NaMo app.

To a question raised by Keni Patel from Vadodara, on how to deal with exams-related stress, the PM said: “You all have written so many exams and are reaching the last leg. Exams are part of life’s journey. We have given exams so many times, becoming exam-proof. These experiences should become your strength. Do not undermine the past experiences, learn from them.”

“You should have confidence on what you have learnt. Keep your day to day life simple. Don’t do anything that others are doing. Do what you have confidence in and have been doing all this while,” said the PM.

To a question raised by a teacher and some students on how to keep focus while studying and deal with addictions and distractions related to social media due to online studies, the PM said: “Ask yourself, when you are doing online studies, whether you are really studying? The fact is that the blame is not on online or offline. It is because the mind is distracted somewhere else that we do not even pay attention in the class. The medium is not the problem, the problem is the mind.”

“As time changes, the medium also changes. The evolution is part of life. With the help of online, we can readily access information. Online is helpful rather than being a problem, it can be used for value addition,” he added.

“Online is to gain, offline is to become. I can gather information from different parts of the world online; I can use that knowledge to strengthen the ‘aadhar’, the base. Today, unlimited opportunities are available to gain knowledge, consider it as an ‘avsar’, an opportunity, and use available tools to restrict and discipline yourself,” said the PM.

“The joys you get through iPads and mobileshellip; There should be moments in the day when you are neither online or offline but inner-line,” he added.

To a question on National Education Policy, the PM said: “The involvement of so many people in the NEP may be a world record”.

“The gist is a result of widespread consultations by eminent experts and educationists and has been welcomed by all. Earlier, sports was considered extra activity, now it has been made a part of education. This will lead to changes and give sports the importance it deserves,” said the PM.

“My point is, can we use a 20th century policy in the 21st century? This would have only harmed. The NEP gives you an opportunity to change, choose the line of education. The NEP gives several opportunities to progress and multiple benefits. I would urge schools and teachers to find more ways to implement NEP on the ground level,” he added.

To a question on how to deal with expectations of the family, parents, teachers, the PM said: “I would urge parents to stop imposing your dreams and expectations on children. Likewise, teachers also impose their thoughts on children. Teachers are also under pressure in completing the syllabus. The confused and contradictory messages confuse children more.”

He further said, “Whether at home or school, a child should not be pushed. Don’t impose your expectations on them. Every child has a special skill; it is you, who has not been able to judge it”.

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