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Health fitness routine during work from home and lockdown in covid

The novel coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic is a new challenge to the human race. It has changed the way people used to live. We’ve heard the terms – lockdown, quarantine, contagious for the first time. Staying home for months, Online classes for kids, working from home – made us anxious and depressed. Although these are the most convenient options in this unprecedented time, they come with their own set of difficulties. Sometimes it feels tough to Stay active during the lockdown times. You might have experienced

Feeling isolated and depressed Feeling confined Feeling anxious due to no social connectionDifficulties in maintaining the balance between work and personal lifeDeveloping unhealthy food habitsIrregular sleeping habitsNot maintaining a daily Home workout routineputting on excess fat

The health fitness and wellness tips during lockdown:

Get some Health fitness and wellness tips to remain healthy during this pandemic time. Here, we have got a few rules that need to be followed sincerely. 

Follow a balanced and healthy diet to Stay active all day longStay hydrated with plenty of drinking water every daySet up a proper workspace at your homePrepare a daily routine to keep a balance between your work and personal lifeTry not to ditch your daily exercise routineGet involved in something creative, maybe painting, singing, dancing or writing. 

Healthy fitness meals: how to make a balanced diet plan during a pandemic?

Working from home doesn’t mean eating whatever your heart wants. Green vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, adequate protein and plenty of water – should be included in your daily diet. Keep ready a box of healthy snacks to grab on during your working schedule. Stay fit by avoiding having junk foods, chips, French fries etc. Keep a few bottles full of water with you. Staying hydrated means, you will feel energetic all day long. 

Balance fruit and vegetable intake: 

If you want to Lose weight during the lockdown, follow a healthy diet plan. Consult with a dietician to know the exact diet plan for you. Start your regular diet with whole grains such as wheat, brown rice and maize. These are rich in fiber to help your stomach full for longer. Include plenty of green vegetables in your daily meals. Seasonal fruits are good sources of vitamins and antioxidants that our body needs to increase immunity. 

Keep maintaining the balance of the animal intakes such as milk, eggs, meat and fish. 

Snacks play an important role while staying at home for months. Keep fresh fruits, dry fruits, unsalted nuts within your hand’s grab. It will help you to Stay fit

Avoid processed and junk food:

Getting fresh produce might not be possible always, processed and canned foods are the solution then. Stay fit by cutting off the amount of processed foods in the shopping cart. Ready-to-eat foods, processed snacks, chips, desserts – these processed foods often contain higher saturated fat, sugar and salt. 

Try to purchase healthier options of such processed foods that contain a lesser amount of harmful substances and saturated fats. 

Avoiding soft drinks and canned fruit juices is also advisable to avoid. If you want to Lose weight and stay healthy, have fresh fruits and prepare fresh fruit juice at your home. 

You can make detox water in the flavours of lemon, cucumber, watermelon, orange, berries. It will add some tasty twist to your daily drinking water. These are full of antioxidants that help you to balance your Health fitness tracker positively. 

Limit everyday sugar intake:

Cut off the excess portion of daily sugar intake. Sweets, chocolates, ice creams, sugary drinks, canned fruit juices, flavoured water, energy drinks, ready-to-drink tea or coffee, flavoured milkshakes – these products contain a high amount of sugar that should not be consumed regularly. 

You might have developed the practice of consuming a flavoured sports drink after every Home workout session. But it will harm your health by providing extra sugar that will be converted into saturated fats in the future. 

Follow the following healthy eating tips:

Have fresh fruits or dry fruits instead of sweet snacks like cakes, cookies and chocolates. Ensure that your dessert is low in sugar. Consume small portions to avoid gaining fat. If you follow Health fitness quotes, you will have to drink at least 3-4 liters of water every day. Break your daily food intake into several small meals. Drink plenty of water to keep your stomach full. Try not to eat foods that contain extra cheese, mayonnaise and excess oil. It will create nothing but extra bulges.Fresh salad made of fresh vegetables is a good substitute for a sugary snack that you take during your work break. 

You must know what are health related fitness components when you are following a fitness regimen at home. 

Fitness routine to follow at home during the pandemic lockdown:

You should maintain a proper routine of Physical fitness at home during pandemic. Although gyms are closed during the lockdown, start working out at your home. Take out at least 30 minutes daily from your busy schedule to Stay fit during this pandemic time. 

Wake up early from bed every day to keep yourself healthy and energetic all day long.Make a separate exercise schedule to follow daily. It will help you to be motivated.Set up your fitness goal first – it may be about losing weight or just about keeping yourself healthy and fit. Choose the time that seems perfect for you. 

Make the workout session exciting. Play some joyful music, wear bright and colourful clothes while doing the Home workout. 

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