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A Guide to Buying Great Clothes On a Budget

Typically, when thinking of buying new clothes
on a budget, they tend to steer towards buying the cheapest items possible.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll be
getting the best quality clothes, or that they’ll necessarily fit well. Are cheap
clothes honestly cheap if you find they fall apart after wearing them only a
few times and then need replacements?

Purchasing clothes on a budget should not mean getting more clothes for less money, but perhaps just shopping more wisely. So, how do you buy great clothes on a budget?

Exclusive Tips for Buying Clothes On a Budget

Buying Clothes On a Budget

Always have a plan

Before you hit the shops, online or
otherwise; you should make a plan.

Make a list of what you need and then what you
would ideally like – keeping your focus on the things you really want and
really need.

Next, you need to set yourself a budget and
be strict with it. Don’t be tempted to go over, especially if you know you
can’t afford all of the things you wanted. Keeping a strict focus to the money
you are able & willing to spend is always a good habit, especially given
the ease of picking up impulse purchases in the shops.

That is also why you need to make your list in priority order, so if you have already spent your budget after you’ve bought what you needed, then the other items can wait until another time.

Make informed purchases

Where and how you buy your clothes matters. If you are buying clothes that need to fit correctly, you’re best to go to the shops rather than buying online. Shopping in person will give you the advantage of being able to see and feel the quality of clothing, but often online discounts are worth your time to consider.

Sizes are not universal between brands and
when shopping online for clothes it’s worthwhile knowing your exact sizes &
reviewing their size charts, especially when online shopping.

When shopping online, it’s worth checking
if there are any reviews for the items you are interested in, even elsewhere on
the internet, so that you can avoid any products that have any major issues and
being disappointed.

Similarly, it’s worth checking the reviews
of the sites themselves – sometimes we can all leave it too late to find their
customer service and returns policy is poor and find ourselves stuck with
ill-fitting or poor-quality items.

Spend or save

There are times when you should spend more
on clothing and times when you can shop based on price. For your basic clothing
items that you’ll be wearing and washing frequently, you should spend a little
more on them, for the longevity of quality clothing. Quality basics are going
to last longer and often cost you less in the longer term.

Fashionable accessories that you may only
wear a few times, probably don’t need to be so expensive, unless you are
planning to resell them in the near future to reduce the overall spending.

Although, arguably buying items that are
only fashionable in the short term could be considered unnecessary and wasteful
for your purse and for the planet on the whole.

Where to shop online

If you are shopping online, then you may
like to save money without compromising on quality. So, how can you do that?
There are buy now, pay later options such as catalogues with credit.

Conversely, you can seek out some alternative places to shop for fashion that doesn’t cost the earth too. There are lots of online vintage shops, social media marketplaces & even charity shops, where you can find bargains.

There are also websites such as Etsy and
Poshmark, where you can source good quality second-hand clothes including some
of the best designer labels.

When to shop online

These days with the variety of different clothes retailers having an online presence, you are spoilt for choice – but sometimes it is best to do your research on a shop for when they offer their sales. Whether it be a seasonal, clearance of old stock or even part of their closing down – there are all kinds of occasions for retailers to be offering discounts.

Oftentimes large sales can be spotted on
discount & offer tracking websites – which will also give you an idea of
their annual sales too.

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With this information, you can plan ahead
when to make a purchase from them & the trends they follow for when they
offer discounts on their items.

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