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Face wash for pimples: 8 Anti-acne cleansers for all skin types to help you achieve clear skin

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As we know skin is a collection of cells that bears pores. When tiny pore openings for hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells it gives rise to acne.  It also causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Though it’s not a big deal, it can cause emotional distress and scar the skin. Blockages and inflammation deep inside hair follicles produce cyst-like lumps beneath the surface of your skin. Other pores in your skin, which are the openings of the sweat glands, aren’t usually involved in acne. If you got an acne covered face, you must have tried out several DIY face masks and serums. Using niacinamide infused face wash can help reduce the inflammation and severity of the condition.


Here are 8 face wash for pimples:


1. Organic Harvest Vitamin B Face Wash 


If you have an oily skin type you are more prone to acne and pimples. This facewash deals with excess sebum that makes you look like a dull, grease ball and is therefore a perfect choice for you. This face wash for acne and pimples helps unclog pores, thereby leaving no residue that can cause pimples.

Price: Rs 199

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2. Sirona Anti Acne Face Wash


The combination of neem and tea tree works on acne-causing bacteria to reduce breakouts and clear up the skin. This face wash has got exactly that to help control excessive sebum production and calm reactive skin.

Price: Rs 131

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3. Mamaearth Tea Tree Natural Face Wash


Mamaearth’s tea tree face wash helps to control and prevent the development of new acne and pimples by controlling excessive oil secretion. Neem extract helps purify the skin and improves skin’s resilience while tea-tree prevents regular breakouts of acne and pimples.

Price: Rs 223

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4. Bella Vita Organic Anti Acne Face Wash


With the goodness of aloe vera, basil, tea tree and neem, this acne relief face wash removes dirt, pollutants, free radicals, leaving skin clean and healthy. It reduces acne production and controls oil secretion. The aloe vera extracts in it soothe the skin and calm your scar burns.

Price: Rs 235

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5. Plum Green Tea Face Wash for Pimples


Green tea is a rich antioxidant that helps in brightening up the skin. This pore-cleansing face wash with green tea extract helps in controlling sebum production making your skin acne-free! It deeply cleanses away all the dirt, grime and dead skin from your face and gives your face a fresh and rejuvenating feel.

Price: Rs 293

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6. Pimple Care for Acne-Prone Skin


Infused with pro-vitamin B5  and Vitamin E this is one of the best face washes for pimples. It lathers up well and penetrates deep into the skin clearing up acne formation from the roots by cleaning up dirty pores. For best results use twice or thrice a day regularly.

Price: Rs 358

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7. The Derma Co Gel Face Wash for Acne


Oily skin is one of the main reasons for blemishes because it clogs pores and prevents the natural skin-shedding cycle from occurring. This gel face wash reduces the oil levels of the skin by suppressing sebocytes from producing excess oil. Infused with salicylic acid, this face wash also has anti-inflammatory properties that play an important role in fading away red-inflamed pimples.

Price: Rs 268

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8. Wow Face Wash for Pimples


Formulated for oily, acne-prone skin types, this anti-acne face wash has many potent bioactive that reduce acne flare-ups, soothe skin and lighten blemishes. It refreshes skin, unclogs pores, slays acne-causing microbes gradually after every use and becomes your skin’s best friend. 

Price: Rs 199

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