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EXCLUSIVE: Darshan Yewalekar on Ranveer Singh’s hairstyle choices, hair care tips and trends to stay in style

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Of the many blessings that come our way, some of us truly have a knack to transform and create something magical. We caught up with Celebrity hair designer Darshan Yewalekar, the genius of a man who creates stellar hairstyles on stars, and one of our favourite creations of his turns out to be Ranveer’s hairdo for 83. As a bonus, he gave some hair care tips to brave any sort of damage that hits us and get some tea on what’s going to be hot this year. 




1) How would you describe Ranveer Singh’s hairstyle choices? And, does he have a go-to hairstyle?


Well, we have been working together for over 10 years and the association began when I sketched a hair design for ‘Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela’ and he liked it and said, “Let’s try it!” This eventually came to be known as his character’s look and I think from that day onwards, slowly and steadily, we have built a process by which we work together, be it a look needed in a film, a red carpet, a magazine shoot, an experimental shoot, or something for an ad.


Everything is based on what he will be wearing, what the mood of the project is, what the director and the editor want, and what the backdrop of the story is. Then, I come up with a vision board and he trusts me enough to synergise in such a way that we can just break boundaries and create something exceptional every single time. Yes, I think we do have a go-to classic hairstyle established for Ranveer which he recently wore to a show. In a couple of media interactions, you’ll see him sport a classic side partition look which frames his face perfectly. 


2) What was the most difficult bit of perfecting Ranveer’s hairstyle for 83?


As it was a wig, I think the most difficult part of perfecting the look was getting the exact shape and curls that Kapil sir had sported in 83. I also had to make sure that the moustache was as true to the shape and so had to microscopically look at Kapil sir’s style and replicate it as closely as possible. 


3) What are the 3 unforgettable or experimentative hairstyles you’ve styled on Bollywood actors?


My first unforgettable style was for Salman Khan when I designed his hair for ‘Yuvraaj’. I still remember my first day in a foreign hotel just before the shoot when I suggested two-tone highlights for his hair. I had requested him to grow his hair and we took five hours before the big day to nail the look. Luckily, everybody in the unit loved it. 


The second one would be the recent Gucci endorsement wherein I created a long-haired look for Ranveer inspired by Jared Leto. That morning when I went to Ranveer, I showed him a few reference images and he agreed to go with the flow. I think we got the look right in just about 40 minutes. The look was quick to go viral. 


The third one would be the one I did with Saif Ali Khan for his film ‘Lal Kaptaan’ where he played the role of Naga Sadhu. From the references that we had, I had to pick the best one for him and he was so patient with the whole process. It was my first time working with him and when I told him the transformation would take time, he said, “Brother I am really excited! I have never done this before and you can do as many trials as you want!” He gave me time and liberty and when we went for our first photo shoot, everything just clicked and his transformation was stunning!


4) 3 hairstyles for men from the retro era that are still going strong?


A: I definitely see these hairstyles coming back. One is a mullet and then there is the mid-length Beatles haircut. I also think a “good boy” side parting is an evergreen classic that has never left.


5) A multi-tasking hair product you can’t do without and why?


A: The first is a mousse in three different consistencies that help me formulate a base on which I can build a hairstyle. The second is a hairspray, again in different consistencies which could be mild hold, medium hold, and stronghold.



6) Can you share 3 winter hair care tips?


A: When you specifically talk about Mumbai, it gets cold in winter but humidity and moisture in the air play a huge role. The main problem is that the scalp gets dry so make sure to use either oil or any moisturising product to keep the scalp hydrated. 


Choose a shampoo suitable for your hair and regularly wash your locks. During winters, dry scaling grows. 


Next, is to make sure that you don’t wash your hair with extremely hot water because that’s the biggest mistake if you want your hair and your scalp to stay in optimum health. Do not rub your hair vigorously to dry it.


7) Must-have hair products when transitioning from winter to summer?


A: In winter the scalp is really dry and in summer, it is oily and both seasons impact your hair differently. While transitioning from winter to summer, use a hair mask that will help you to maintain and hydrate your hair. 


The second must-have is a leave-in conditioner on a summer day. Also when you’re going out, just spray a little leave-in conditioner on your locks so that your hair remains more hydrated, glossy, and intact. 


Men can use these hair styling products. They can choose a slight dryer wax instead of a semi-gloss or liquid wax product. Because, in summer, these will possibly drip down from the forehead.


8) Hair trends from 2021 that’ll be big this year?


A: 2021 was a bit slow for everybody as the world was emerging from the first lockdown. But we did get to see some bold experiments like hair tattoos (where you design small hair graffitis with fades), so that’s a trend that will see a rise. As for girls’ hair trends, the long bob and mid-bob will take over and spread like fire. And, also a lot of girls will look for bold hair colouring in 2022.


9) Three 2022 hair trends you’re excited to give a shot?


A: 2022 will see more solid shapes and cuts for girls. I feel the big hair from the 90s is going to make a huge comeback. In the past few years, we saw many messy, wavy styles and I think 2022 will usher in a lot of glossy, full-headed 90s curls. Also, we will be experimenting a lot in 2022 with colour and I think people will be using Balayage with multiple tones. Bolder, face-framing cuts, funky and bright colours like fluorescent green, blue and yellow will also make a huge comeback for women. 


For men, I feel mid-length hair will grow in popularity and it may appear as a mix of a mullet and the iconic Beatles haircut. Fades and fresh colours, as I said before, are not going anywhere either and are here to stay and will continue to make a statement.


10) Few easy hairstyling hacks for the man who’s running late to work?


A: The most important tip is to have a hairdryer at hand because when you get out of a shower, even if you have short or mid-length hair, drying your locks can be a cumbersome problem. Always use a protective spray, moisturiser, or a leave-in conditioner so that when you blow-dry your hair regularly these products create a protective coat and prevent them from damage. 


I think having a good brush, a dryer and a heat protector can really solve your problems. And then for styling, you can use products like dry wax to quickly create a messy style or slick it out. For middle-length hair, you can use a ‘mild-hold’ hairspray and for curly hair, you can apply a good cream that will hold your curls in place. And always make sure to not over-dry your hair. And if you don’t have the time to fully dry your hair, towel dry your locks, take a wide-tooth comb, brush up and follow up with a good holding cream or a leave-in conditioner before you step out.

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